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Be a good neighbour

Supporting you....with living in the community

We strongly encourage all students living or passing through the local community to follow our Be A Good Neighbour guidelines so that we are all working together to maintain a harmonious, happy community. For more information and advice please read our Be a Good Neighbour guide but as a starter we suggest you seek to develop a friendly relationship with your neighbours when you move in and introduce yourselves to them early on.  If problems arise try to talk the issues through and sort them out amicably.  If you are doing okay but others down the street are causing large-scale problems, talk to someone in the Wellbeing:Community team or the Students' Union Advice Centre team to see if we can find a way to defuse the situation. If you do find yourself involved in a dispute with neighbours, e-mail or come in and talk to us as soon as possible.  We will always support the early informal and amicable resolution of concerns.

Welcome to the Community - tips for living off campus

Advice from our team, the Students' Union and our community partners to ensure you are a good neighbour. 

Community Partnerships - Working Together

Sharing the importance of our collaborative and supportive working relationship with the Runnymede Neighbourhood Police team, Runnymede Borough Council Environmental Health team and the Students' Union. 


Halls to Home 

We run our Halls to Home campaign each year to support you in making the transition from living in our halls of residence to becoming a responsible member of the local community living in the private rented sector. 

Find out more here and view our videos on key topics. 

Be a good neighbour 

Royal Holloway is committed to maintaining the best possible relationship with the local community. We are also aware that the vast majority of our students contribute greatly and in many ways to the local community and local economy. 

The university respects the independence of its students; whilst it is not our job to supervise the behaviour of people who are legally adults, students are subject to our condcut regulations and there are consequences for those who do not behave appropriately.

The tiny minority of students who wilfully or repeatedly upset local residents by unreasonable behaviour are not only making life difficult for those around them, they are also harming the university and disadvantaging future students.

The university works closely with Surrey Police and the Runnymede Borough Council Environmental Health team to ensure those responsible for serious anti-social behaviour are clearly identified. If it is officially substantiated that students are behaving in a way that is damaging to the university reputation or causing significant impact on the community students may be called to a minor misconduct hearing for a suspected breach of the Student Conduct Regulations.

Community living information & resources for students 

We strongly encourage all students living or passing through the local community to follow our Be A Good Neighbour guidelines so that we are all working together to maintain a harmonious, happy community.  Here are details of the guidance and resourcces we provide you with to support you in being a good neighbour.

Runnymede Borough Council: Guidance for students living in shared houses in Runnymede. The RBC Private Sector Housing team can help with some aspects of student housing in the local community. They have produced guidance leaflet for students living in shared houses in Runnymede which you may find useful. They are able to assist by investigating if you are concerned that your property does not have a HMO licence or if there is disrepair which is not being addressed by the landlord.  They can only investigate complaints that relate to disrepair to dwelling, for example, if the boiler is not working or the roof is leaking.  They cannot assist with contractual disputes between tenants and landlord, for example, if a new sofa was promised at the viewing and has not been delivered. If you wish to contact them you can email the private sector housing team.

University of London: Student Housing guide. University of London Housing Services have also produced a guide to all aspects of private sector housing - planning to look for private sector housing, searching for a suitable property, moving in and resolving issues. 

Students' Union Housing information.  The SU advice team have online advice for all aspects of housing - looking, living and leaving.  

Refuse & Recycling

For all households in Runnymede it is important that you know and understand the refuse and recycling service provided by Runnymede Borough Council and that your house ensures you dispose of all of your waste in the correct manner. 

Runnymede Borough Council offer a comprehensive refuse & recycling service where refuse and recycling is collected on alternate weeks with food waste collected weekly i.e:

  • Week 1: Refuse collected from black wheeled bin AND food waste 
  • Week 2: Recycling collected from blue lidded wheeled bin AND food waste 

and so on on alternate weeks. 

Full details are available in the RBC Service Guide.

If you have excess waste or recycling please take it to the Lyne (Chertsey) Community Recycling Centre (or see map below). Do not leave it by the side of your bin as it will not be collected.


  • Please make sure your wheeled bin is out on your collection day by 06:00; black bin one week, blue lidded bin the next.
  • Return the bin back on to your property and off the pavement as soon as possible after collection - the bins must not be left out on the street.
  • Make sure all items are rinsed out and squashed before placing them in your recycling bin.
  • All items should be placed loose in your recycling bin and not in plastic bags.  Plastic bags are not recyclable
  • Only waste placed inside your bin will be collected.
  • Line your silver food caddy with a compostable liner and fill it with any food waste.  When it is full, tie the liner and put it in your green food bin - which is collected each week.
  • If you have more than six people living at your property and think you need a larger recycling wheeled bin please contact Runnymede Borough Council who will discuss this with you or your landlord.

Contact information

Runnymede Borough Council Recycling hotline:

T: 0800 052 0067

How to report community concerns 

Runnymede Borough Council, Environmental Health, Surrey Police and Royal Holloway, University of London work closely in partnership to respond to community concerns. 

Our joint leaflet explains what each organisation can tackle and how to raise concerns with the relavant authority.  

Useful contacts 

Student Wellbeing (Community), Student Advisory & Wellbeing

Advice Centre, Royal Holloway Students' Union 

 Runnymede Borough Council Environmental Health

Surrey Police: Runnmede Neighbourhood team

Runnymede Borough Council Recycling hotline: