Financial Difficulty


The Financial Wellbeing team can assist you with financial difficulties you may experience while you're a student at Royal Holloway. 

Our support is available to all Royal Holloway students, regardless of whether you are studying at undergraduate or postgraduate level or if you are a home or overseas student, we'd be happy to help. 

Contacting us

In-person drop-ins

We run an open door policy at our office in room 135, Founders East between 10am and 4pm, Monday to Friday if you would like to discuss any financial concerns that you have then please drop by. 


If you'd like to book an appointment either in-person or via a video call on MS Teams then please use our form below to select a time and date that suits you.

Book an appointment here


you can email us on 


Support we offer


Help with budgeting and the costs of living

We understand that making a budget and sticking to it can be tough especially during the cost of living crisis where prices are rising all the time. 

The Financial Wellbeing Team can help you to create a budget that allows you to understand where you spend money and how you might be able to make savings. 


General wellbeing support

We understand that financial difficulties can often lead to or be the result of more general wellbeing or mental health problems that you are experiencing. We can offer pastoral support and a safe place to discuss your concerns while at the same time we work closely we colleagues across the Wellbeing department to support you

The Study Support Grant and financial hardship

The Study Support Grant is available for students suffering from financial hardship during their studies at Royal Holloway. The grant is managed by the Financial Wellbeing Team who make a holistic assessment of your current circumstances and can provide awards to help meet any shortfall that you have within your budget. 

Emergency financial support

The Financial Wellbeing Team has a range of options to help students who find themselves without the means to meet their basic needs, this would include but is not limited to 

  • Unable to pay rent/threat of eviction or homelessness 
  • Unable to afford to buy food 
  • Unable to pay for essential travel costs 

Depending on your circusmtances and the level of need, the team are able of offer


Delayed funding and other cash flow problems

Cash flow problems can often arise as a result of 

  • Delays in funding arriving 
  • Waiting for wages or other money to be paid to you
  • Sudden unexpected costs 

If you are suffering with a short-term cash flow problem then the Financial Wellbeing Team may be able to assist in a number of ways including by offering a short-term interest free loan of upto £500 that can be paid back when you are in a secure financial position to do so. 

More generally we may be able to offer support in helping you access funding that you believe you are entitled to (see below) and offering budgeting advice. 

Advocating for you to receive funding

If you are experiencing financial difficulty as a result of delays or problem accessing funding that you believe you are entitled to then the Financial Wellbeing team can provide advice and advocate on your behalf both to external organisations and within the University itself to help release those funds. 

This could include delays or problems receiving 

  • your student loan 
  • any Royal Holloway bursary or scholarship you are entitled to 
  • external funding 



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Supporting you with the Costs of Living

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