RH BeHeard

Reporting sexual harassment/assault, discrimination and hate crime incidents.

If you have experienced an incident of sexual harassment/assault, discrimination or a hate crime, we are here to support you.

If the incident is taking place now and you need help in an emergency

If you are on campus, College Security operates, and is contactable, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your protection. If there is an emergency on campus please call the Security Control Centre.

If you are not on campus and are still at risk, call the police immediately on 999.

If you want to report an incident to us and access support

Contact the Student Wellbeing team by email.


If you want to make an anonymous report - RH BeHeard

The College has introduced RH BeHeard as a way to report what has happened to you, if you want to remain anonymous. We take this kind of complaint very seriously and encourage students to report any inappropriate behaviour of any kind from staff, students or members of the community, including harassment, bullying, discrimination and sexual misconduct.

The College understands that formally reporting an incident is not something that everyone wishes to do; it can take time and energy, and sometimes includes sharing very personal information. Therefore, this option enables you to anonymously record this type of behaviour. The information you provide will be collated and analysed to help monitor the incidents that take place, identify any patterns and plan interventions and initiatives as required.

To make an anonymous report, click the link below to the RH BeHeard form.


RH BeHeard Form

Report an incident anonymously

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Find out more

Discover our information and guidance on incidents, including harassment and sexual assault.



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