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Student volunteering at Royal Holloway 

Welcome to Royal Holloway Volunteering! 

Royal Holloway Volunteering’s first digital Festival of Volunteering took place during Welcome Week, this event held several virtual MS Teams introductory and drop-in sessions, and posted oppirtunities to our Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as a takeover of the Royal Holloway Welcome App Interact chat!

Volunteering is one of the best extra-curricular activities you can take part in at University, whether you want to develop your own skills, try out future career paths, meet likeminded people or make a genuine difference in the local community.

How does it work?

First you can register on our online volunteering system. Using this system you can create a profile and search a range of different volunteering opportunities and community partners. If you find an opportunity that you are interested in, you can use the system to sign up or contact the relevant community partner!

Once you have volunteered, you can even record your volunteering hours using the system. Recording hours means that you will receive Passport points for your involvement, and will make you eligible for our bespoke Royal Holloway Inspired Awards.  

Each week we send out an update featuring a selection of great opportunities. Have a look at our most recent updates! 


Join the Royal Holloway Volunteering Response Team

Initiated by students for students, the Response Team is a group of students who sign up to hear about one-off opportunities and last minute volunteering opportunities. This could include supporting local community partner events, special social action project activities, or assisting the local community in another creative yet helpful way! 

The Response Team role is flexible, so you can get involved with as many opportunities as you like. This is also a fantastic way to try out lots of different opportunities and activities!

If you would like to join the Response Team then show your interest by using our online platform!


COVID-19 Volunteering Announcement 

If you  are a student or staff member who would like to volunteer and support local people during the Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic, please consult our Coronavirus Volunteering website to find local organisations that require support. 




Royal Holloway Volunteering's Opportunities

Royal Holloway Volunteering has five different types of opportunity.  


Community action

With 250 different Community Action partners, there are lots of incredible ways of getting involved if you want to volunteer with local charities, schools or non-profit organisations.


Social action

Our Social Action Projects are student-led, so if you are interested in teaching young refugees, hosting tea parties for local elderly people or nature conservation, you can start there.


Volunteering abroad

Volunteering Abroad is an excellent way of taking your volunteering across the world with one of our approved volunteering abroad organisations.

Community research

Community Research is your chance to use your research skills to support a local organisation, and a fantastic way to learn more about the third sector.


Sports volunteering

Sports Volunteering is a great way to get involved as a coach for young people, or supporting the College’s Everyone Active programme through events and activities.



 Other ways to get involved 


One-off volunteering

Want to start with a one-off opportunity rather than a regular project? Start here!


Initiatives and events

See some of the amazing events and campaigns we have lined up each year.


Volunteering Leadership Scheme

Interested in taking the lead or developing your own project?


More about us

Want to know more about Royal Holloway Volunteering? Learn more about our team here!