Project days

One-off Projects 

 Project Days are an excellent way of volunteering if you have a restrictive schedule, or if you want to volunteer with a group of friends. Royal Holloway Volunteering hold one project day each term, so it is a great way or getting involved in some excellent projects. If you volunteer on your own it is a great way to meet new people, or you can bring some friends! We always have requests for groups if you have been looking for a fun activity to do with your club or society, then look no further! 

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Sign up to a project day

You can sign up to all of Royal Holloway Volunteering’s Project Days by using our online system.

What Project Days do you run? 


Make a difference day

In first term we hold Make a Difference Day, a special Royal Holloway event where we partner up with local organisations for an incredible day of volunteering. In previous years we have helped garden at the homes of local elderly people, tidied up school playgrounds and cut down invasive trees with the National Trust. 

The Great British Spring Clean

Clear out the cobwebs with our third term project day, which ties into the national “Keep Britain Tidy” campaign. As well as gardening and litter picking we have also painted Scout huts and community centres! This day is an excellent choice for clubs and societies who want to run a social activity with their members that will make a huge difference.