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Welcome to the Enterprise Hub                         

We are the one-stop platform for business, enterprise and innovation information and inspiration for would be, early, and established student and graduate entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, all interested in innovation. No matter if you’re interested in founding the next big tech venture, or a nonprofit that will change our world for the better, this is the place for you.

At Royal Holloway Enterprise Hub, we take pride in students, and the alumni business and entrepreneurial community that we have, and would like to share our knowledge, skills, business, research activities with you. 

What we do for you

Our purpose is to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs, no matter what kind of venture you wish to start. Even if you are unsure as to whether you want to run your own start-up, we offer lots of workshops and activities to help you figure it out.


Enterprise learning

We have developed a blended learning platform where you can find everything you need to come up with an idea, develop it and turn it into a start-up. If you want to join our Slack platform, simply send us an email and we will get you sorted.

Interactive workshops on all things entrepreneurship

Along with our external partners, we run workshops on all stages of the entrepreneurial process, from ideation to growth.

INsights Talks

Come along and listen to the experience of successful entrepreneurs and start growing your network at our 'INsights Talks'.

Innovation hours

Do you have an idea for a start-up, or are you already running your own venture but would like to get some feedback or inspiration? Come along to our drop-in sessions at the new Enterprise Hub Space in the ground floor of the Emily Wilding Davison Buidling. You can also book alternative slots with our Deputy Director Ankit via Calendly.

INvolved blog series

Our new innovative blog series showcases the amazing research done by our PhD students on start-ups, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Santander Universities seed-funding competition

Once a year, we pull together a panel of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship experts to judge your start-up ventures or ideas and the winners receive seed-funding from Santander Universities.

Our Slack platform

Do you want to join fellow students and graduates who are thinking about or already running their own venture? Do you want to have access to lots of useful information and be kept informed about opportunities? Email us with the subject line “Add me to Slack” and you can join our community right away.


 Who we are: 

We are a devoted team of academics with multi-year experience of supporting student entrepreneurs throughout the ideation and early growth phases.

- Dr. Anica Zeyen, Founding Director of Royal Holloway Enterprise Hub

- Dr. Ankit Gaur, Deputy Director Royal Holloway Enterprise Hub

- Emilio Costales, Ideation Consultant