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Supporting you with the cost of living

Tips, advice and information to help with the cost of living challenges


The rising cost of living is impacting us all and we want to do everything we can to help you get through the challenges and succeed in your studies.

With this in mind, on this page we’ve pulled together a wide range of support and advice to help you navigate these challenges.

Our community includes people from different walks of life, with individual challenges and circumstances. Whether you’re an international student that has moved far from home, a commuting student that has travel costs or perhaps you’ve recently joined our university. Whatever your university life looks like we are here to support you, so you have the best experience possible.

We are all facing pressure, this may cause anxiety for many of us. If you would like to speak with someone please reach out to our Wellbeing teams for confidential advice.

Explore the links below for tips, advice and information to help make the most out of your money or contact

Support and Advice


Keeping costs down

Food and drink


Earn while you learn

Get ready for student life

Fun on a budget



London Graduate School support

For students studying at the Graduate School on our Central London campus living in city can bring higher costs. The Office for Students and Access HE have produced a student cost of living guide for those of you studying and living in London to share the realities of finances at university in London. 

The Mayor of London and London Assembly have collated London specific support and guidance.  You can find advice on the following areas via their main Help with the cost of living page:

London cost of living support
Help with your income Help paying your bills Support near you
If you can't get benefits Help with debts Help in a crisis
Help for migrants Deaf & disabled students Money & Mental Health
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