Accessing wellbeing support

How to access the wellbeing services here to support you at Royal Holloway 

Our university wellbeing teams are not an emergency service and are not available 24/7.  If you require urgent or crisis support please view details of where and how to access crisis and emergency help. 

Accessing services during breaks between term. 

The Wellbeing department continue to offer support in the break between terms but there are adaptations to how you can access support and we operate a slightly revised service.

  • Initial contact by teams over the break should be by email to team mailboxes - see contact details in the drop down boxes below.
  • Emergency support options are detailed here including details of mental health crisis lines and support via Student Space (Student Minds).
  • The online and in-person drop-ins pause and will re-commence on the first day of term. 

Term time drop in sessions (virtual and in-person) 

Our advisers run confidential drop-ins between each weekday during term.  These are virtual drop ins on Monday, Wednesday & Friday with an opportunity to attend in person on Tuesdays and Thursdays if you prefer. Please click on the link for the team you need. You may need to wait for the previous drop in to finish but the adviser will welcome you to the drop in as soon as possible.

Wellbeing: Disability & Neurodiversity 

Click here to join their drop in and speak to a Disability Adviser (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) or visit Founder's East room 153 (Tuesday or Thursday).  11am - 2pm. 

Wellbeing: Support & Guidance 

Click here to join their drop in and speak to a Wellbeing Adviser between 11am - 12pm. Please note these drop-ins are temporarily reduced to one hour; we will revert back to longer drop-ins as soon as staffing allows. 

Wellbeing: Financial Advice - these drop-ins are temporarily paused due to staff changes; they'll be back as soon as possible. 

Click here to join their drop in and speak to a Money & Funding Adviser (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) or visit Founder's East 135 (Tuesday or Thursday). 11am - 2pm.

Access & contact Wellbeing: Community 

Wellbeing: Community

Supporting you with living in the local community. 

Email the team at or visit Founder's East, 1st floor. 

Access & contact Wellbeing: Counselling 

Supporting you through counselling: 

Email the counsellors at or visit Founder's East, 1st floor, room 140.

Access & contact Wellbeing: Disability & Neurodiversity

Supporting you with your disability: 

Join a term time drop in session (see above) or email the disability advisers at

Access & contact Wellbeing: Financial Advice 

Supporting you with your finances

Join a term time drop in session (see above) or email the financial advisers at

During January 2022 please note there may be a short delay in responses due to the induction of new staff as Money & Funding Advisers.  We will respond to your query as quickly as we can.  

Access & contact Wellbeing: International Advice 

Supporting you as an international student: 

Email the international advisers at or visit Founder's East, 1st floor, room 132.

Access & contact Wellbeing: Mental Health 

Supporting you with your mental health: 

Email the mental health practitioners at or complete our online referral form.  

Access & contact Wellbeing: Multifaith Chaplaincy

Supporting you with your faith and spirituality: 

Email the chaplains at or visit Founder's East, 1st floor, the Chapel or Muslim Prayer room.

Access & contact Wellbeing: Support & Guidance 

Supporting you with wellbeing guidance: 

Join a term time drop in session (see above) or email the wellbeing advisers at



Share feedback on wellbeing services

Feedback on wellbeing services

The Wellbeing department value feedback on your experiences of our services. 

Please complete our feedback form to help us in supporting you at Royal Holloway. 







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