Opening a student bank account

What you need, where to go, what to consider

Opening a student bank account

Most banks offer bank accounts specifically for students, lots of which have great benefits attached such as free railcards or an interest free overdraft. To get these offers you normally have to prove you’re a student at Royal Holloway.

To do this you need to download and print a copy of your Student Status Certificate; the official letter confirming your enrolment at the College. To access this letter, simply log into Campus Connect and click on the Enrolment tab. You won’t be able to download it until your course has started and you have completed all stages of enrolment. Always print the document on a colour printer or it might be mistaken as a photocopy!

When you go to the bank they will need to see other documents as well, including proof of ID (e.g. passport and visa, if applicable). Check with the bank what documents you’ll need before going to your appointment.

Where to open your account

We don’t recommend you use any particular bank, but it can make things easier if you open your account at a branch in Egham or Staines as they’re familiar with the documents we issue. Once your account’s all set up you can do all your day-to-day banking at any branch of your chosen bank.

The nearest banks to the College are:

Things to think about before choosing a bank

  • Are there any monthly charges for using the account?
  • Does the account come with a student overdraft?
  • Is the local branch easy to get to?
  • Does the account allow you to set up standing orders/direct debits?
  • What “freebies” does the bank offer to students?
  • What happens if you exceed your agreed overdraft?
  • Is there a charge for transferring/receiving money from overseas?

If you’re not sure what some of the terms banks use mean, Barclays has a handy jargon buster on their website.

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