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The RH100 is a large focus group made up of 100 student panellists from across Royal Holloway. The RH100 Panel help to ensure that a range of views are considered in relation to developments at the College and on campus.

The RH100 Panel gives students an exciting paid opportunity to leave their legacy at Royal Holloway.

As part of the RH100, students drive change by working in partnership with the College to input on decisions which affect the student experience. The panellists consider plans for our future and give an honest representation of their views at the meetings of the RH100.

From it's inception in 2016, the RH100 Panel has been very successful with panellists providing input on a range of College issues including the services provided in the Davison building, Sports Centre Facilities Investment, Access to Campus and 'Digital Futures'.

Find out more about the impact the 2016/17 panel, 2017/18 panel and 2018/19 panel had on decisions made across the university and see the impact of our most recent panellists in the reports below!



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Find out what's on the agenda for your next meeting and other important information on our Royal Holloway 100 panel updates page.

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Want to contribute to the RH100 panel?

  • If you have an idea for the Royal Holloway 100 that you'd like us to consider, please email the RH100 team.

  • If you'd like to submit an idea for making improvements around the College please post it on the Bright Ideas website.

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The RH100 project is currently under review. This page will be updated with further information as soon as possible.

You can learn more about the panel's previous discussions below.

Previous Panel Discussions

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