Get to Know Your Panellists


You can use this page to learn more about which students make up the RH100. More panellists will be added to this page over the course of the year.

If you have any questions about the Panel, or you wish to register your interest in joining for the RH100 for 2020/21, please email the RH100 team.

RH100 1920 Ellie Matthews


Physics, Undergraduate

"I think I’m going to enjoy collaborating with other students from different disciplines and backgrounds. I like the idea of bridging gaps between different students and present something that is in the interests of everyone."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

RH100 1920 Katherine Burek


Consumption, Culture and Marketing, Postgraduate

"Contributing to the panel allows student voices to be heard making this institution better for current and future students. Being an international postgraduate student, I hope my perspectives will be valuable and help better the school community for future generations."                                                                                                                                                                                                  

RH100 1920 Maciej Pawlik 2


Psychology, Undergraduate

"I applied for RH100 because I want to be a part of change and have reapplied to continue to be that. The panel is a great place to not only meet new people and share ideas, but also a place at the heart of positive change that takes place at this university." 

RH100 1920 Vanesa Yakimova


Law, Undergraduate

"I hope to gain a more sophisticated understanding of the problems faced by different students and build a friendship with people from a range of backgrounds. It's truly wonderful to see, the Student Voice is heard and implemented by the College to improve the overall experience of both students and staff."

RH100 1920 Ubaid Rehman 1


Health and Social Care, Postgraduate Research

"I'm looking forward to processing my thoughts over different topics, developing my own ideas, sharing my views and discussing them with other students. This is a wonderful forum because its academic as well as professional."

RH100 1920 Isabel Van


Geopolitics and Security, Postgraduate

"I'm keen to be a part of making decisions for the future of the campus. I encourage everyone to apply! I have been on the panel for less than a term but am already enjoying in thoroughly and believe that student voice is vital for universities to cater for the students."

Zaid Khayal Photo


Economics, Undergraduate

"I applied for RH100 because I’ve always wanted to be an individual who can make change. Change that will inspire, and help out our overall education for years to come and what better way to inspire the change than joining a large focus group in which it’s main purpose is to help implement a better future for university students."

RH100 1920 Ashlee McIntosh


English Undergraduate

"Being a part of the RH100 panel is a great way to give back to our school. By providing my thoughts on future potential strategies I can make a tangible difference. It's also low-commitment!" 

 RH100 1920 Jasmine Thaker


History Undergraduate

"I’ve found the panel so insightful. Considering this universities diversity, I’ve enjoyed hearing different perspectives on certain issues and what people believe to be important in terms of the university body."

"it's a wonderful forum for students to express their opinions, it is the perfect mix between academics and professionals, meaning its a great place for networking too."

RH100 1920 Sophie Minter


Politics and International Relations, Undergraduate

"Something that really stands out to me is commitment everyone shows to the topics. People are genuinely dedicated to ensuring that the university improves itself."

"Policy proposing  is something that I am looking to go into after leaving Royal Holloway. This is a skill I am developing during the panels particularly in the preparation work prior to each panel."

RH100 1920 Arati Thapa


Information Security, Postgraduate

"I applied so that we can contribute our feeds into making changes and this panel is the real example that our voice matters."

"I have already attended two and last one is coming soon and I am already looking forward to this. Researching and reading about the topic and communicating in the group, presentation and updates"

RH100 1920 Olivia Lee


Management and Spanish, Undergraduate

"I’ve really enjoyed being a part of RH100 because I'm able to give my opinions on improvements to the University and gain an insight to behind the scenes at Royal Holloway! The first two panels were so interesting and I really look forward to hearing the outcomes of the wellbeing strategy and the future of the sports centre! I've met so many new people from across the university and it's a great way for my student voice to be heard."