Cause for concern

Advice about how students, staff, parents, and supporters can raise a concern about a student   member of our university community

If you are, or become, concerned about a student we would strongly encourage you to share the concern so this can be followed up and the student offered appropriate support, guidance or advice. The university has a responsibility to our students and will always follow up on a concern expressed to us through our cause for concern process and encourage everyone to follow SMART Wellbeing: Signpost - Make Assessment - Refer To Wellbeing.

When you have a concern you could express this to the student and direct them to Student Advisory & Wellbeing for further support or contact us directly to raise this concern. 

You can email or call into one of our offices in Founder's East, 1st floor.

We work with students to enable them to take control of their wellbeing or any difficulties which may arise during their time at university and we aim to support them successfully engage with their studies and non-academic life.   Third parties - including friends, family and supporters - are instrumental in informing students about the support we can provide and we are always happy to share details of the university's pastoral support services.  

Emergency support 

If you believe there is an immediate risk to the student or others or an emergency cause for concern please alert campus security on 01784 443063 or seek specialised external support.  More advice and contact details for specialist and out of hours services are available on our emergency support pages.  

Data Protection 

Please be aware that in line with the data protection laws, we can only discuss a student's circumstances with a third party with the students explicit consent.  When you contact our department we will be pleased to listen to you, advise you on how you can signpost to or support someone in accessing support but we will not be able to disucss the specific circumstances of the student's situation with you.  We hope that any information provided to a third party will allow and enable the student to make an informed and constructive choice about accessing support services.  Students are able to share their consent for us to share information with other support agencies, family or supporters.  If you would like to discuss this further please contact us by email.

Looking after your own wellbeing

Friends can be a great support network for each other and we recognise the importance and value of peer support. This is great but you should be careful not to take on more support than you can comfortably cope with and not to support someone to the detriment of your own health, wellbeing and academic engagement.  It is important to remember that you are not responsible for another person's difficulties and that you may need to encouage them to seek support through the university support services or our external support partners.  


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