Study Support Grant 

The Study Support Grant is an amount of money available to eligible students who are facing financial difficulties. The Grant is cash limited and demand is high. This year, we have also introduced additional funding to provide students who are at a digital disadvantage the opportunity to receive a laptop that is funded by Royal Holloway. A standard assessment procedure is used which calculates the level of support based on the gap between annual income and essential expenditure.

We provide a number of different Study Support Grants to support students with the following:

  • Field Trips

  • Theatre Excursions

  • Travel for study

  • Employment or volunteering opportunities directly related to your studies.

  • Administrative costs to apply to an external rent guarantor scheme
  • Facing serious short term financial hardship and where there is a possibility of you having to withdraw or take a period of interruption in your studies.
  • Additional financial support to assist with payment towards living costs such as rent and utility bills.

  • Students with caring responsibilities.

  • Disabled students.

 Please note: 

  • Your application will be assessed over the whole academic year - 52 weeks for continuing students or 39 weeks for final year students.

  • The Study Support Grant cannot pay towards the cost of any Tuition Fees.

  • You may apply to the Study Support Grant once during the academic year.

  • You must be enrolled as a student to receive money from the Study Support Grant. 
  • Provided your application form has been accurately completed and the appropriate evidence has been submitted, a decision should be made within 4 weeks of submission. Your application will be considered by Financial Wellbeing in the strictest confidence and you will be notified of the outcome via an email to your university account.

 How to apply:

  1. Make sure you fit the criteria to apply for this grant.

  2. Complete the Study Support Grant application form

  3. Ensure you have copies of all supporting documents - that are relevant to youon page 8 of the application form.

  4. Email your completed application form and supporting documents to Wellbeing: Financial Advice.