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Primary Care Mental Health

How our Mental Health Practitioners can help students including therapeutic interventions and liaison with the community mental health teams

The Wellbeing: Mental Health team within the Wellbeing Department are an important element of the mental health support we can provide to students at the university

What we do

The Mental Health Practitioners provide mental healthcare to students who require support in primary care.  The team form a common point of entry for triage, assessment and referral (where needed) onto specialist mental health services. 

How we can help

We can provide mental healthcare to students who require support in primary care but who do not require secondary care level input.  This includes supporting students on a one-to-one basis as well as referring onto IAPT, GP services, specialist care team, and other university support services (amongst others).  Our practitioner can provide triage, assessment and referral for students for emerging mental health conditions or in the event of mental health crisis and support and guidance for students transitioning out of secondary care into primary care services.  The team are also able to offer therapeutic interventions (for example CBT) to support mental wellbeing 

How to contact us and refer yourself for our support

You can contact the team by email or by completing our referral form.  

When to contact other teams for support

We are not a crisis service and are not available 24/7.  Find out how to access emergency help support outside of our working hours or at the weekend.

DSA funded mental health support including specialist mentoring and Mental Health Adviser support is managed by the Disability & Neurodiversity team.

General support and advice on wellbeing is provided by our Support & Guidance triage team.

Wellbeing: Mental Health team

  • Rianna Breen, Mental Health Practitioner.
  • Jane Gittins, Mental Health Practitioner.
  • Vacancy, Mental Health Practitoner.