Dorm at Royal Holloway

Living in Halls

Halls of Residence in 2020/21

If you're moving in or currently living in Halls of Residence in 2020/21, take a look at our frequently asked questions for more information.

Can I move rooms?

To support a Covid-19 safe environment room moves will only be permitted if related to verified safeguarding or protection issues. Further infromation about room moves can be found in our room move policy

If you have any questions about this process please contact the Student Services Centre.

Resolving a maintenance or housekeeping problem in my flat

We hope you’ll enjoy your time in Halls and we have support available to help you feel welcomed, settled and part of your Hall community. Once you’ve moved in, if you have any concerns with your accommodation, it’s important that you let the correct team within the College know so that they can work with you to resolve any issues.

Residential Services

For any cleaning or maintenance issues in your block/house or if you need to report anything that’s broken or damaged, you can do this through your Halls Reception and they’ll arrange for this to be fixed or replaced.

Resolving a concern with others in my flat

Hall Life

The Hall Life team are here to promote a happy Hall environment for everyone living at Royal Holloway through events and campaigns to help bring the Halls community together. Through peer-to-peer support, the Hall Life team can also assist with kitchen flat meetings to address any concerns or issues and deal with discipline. If you wish to report issues of noise, in particular after 11pm, it’s important that you call Campus Security so that they try to resolve the issue. Security will then compile an Incident Report Form which will be passed to the Hall Life team to deal with under the College Disciplinary procedures.

The Hall Life Team can be contacted via email:

I'm interrupting or withdrawing from my studies how can I leave my Hall?

If you want to leave your room in Halls, take a look at our accommodation Terms and Conditions.

If you are leaving your room in Halls because you are withdrawing, interrupting, changing to part-time or you have been asked to leave following misconduct action, you must complete this online form to let us know on when you plan to vacate your room so that you understand important information around your financial liability. We'd also recommend that you contact the Student Services Centre for further advice. 

I want to move out of Halls

If you want to leave your room in Halls, take a look at our accommodation Terms and Conditions.

If you want to leave your room in Halls, and are continuing to study full-time at Royal Holloway, you will remain financially liable until you find another student similar to yourself to whom the liability may be transferred. Please contact the Student Services Centre for more information.

Don't forget that the Support and Advisory, and Hall Life teams are here to support you with any concerns you might have with settling in.


Halls of Residence in 2021/22 

Can I move rooms?

We hope to be able to offer room moves and room swaps in the 2021/22 academic year but this will have to be reviewed closer to the start of the new academic year and may be withdrawn at any time to ensure we are compliant with any government guidelines or restrictions. Further infromation about room moves can be found in our moving or swapping rooms guidance.


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