Dorm at Royal Holloway

Moving or Swapping Rooms

We hope you’ll enjoy your time in Halls but if something isn’t quite right, we have support available to help.

If anything is broken or damaged in your room, you should report it to the Halls Customer service team so that they can arrange for this to be fixed or replaced.

If you are experiencing issues such as noise, problems with flat mates or homesickness, you should contact the Hall Life team for support.

Requesting to move rooms 

You can request to move rooms (subject to availability) from 12 noon on Monday 17 October 2022. 

To be eligible to move rooms, you must have:

  1. Accepted your current offer of accommodation
  2. Be living in the room you were originally allocated
  3. Be up‐to‐date with the payment of your accommodation fees
  4. Not be subject to ongoing disciplinary proceedings

Update: 17 October 2022

Availability in Halls is extremely limited at this time, and we anticipate availability of rooms in Founder’s (Band L) and Kingswood (Band E1 and E2) only. If you are seeking a room move to any other Hall, there could be a significant wait before a room you want becomes available.

Room move request form


Please only submit the room move request form once, if you submit the form multiple times, we'll use your latest submission as your request.

When will I recieve an offer? 

We are not able to estimate how long it will take to find you a vacant room in the bands you select. The demand for some bands may be higher than others, so it may take longer to find a room for those who have requested a more popular band.

How will I be made an offer?

If a vacant room becomes available in one of the bands you have requested and you are next on the waiting list we will send you an accommodation offer for the new room, by email to your College email address. You will have two calendar days to review and accept your offer.

How do I accept the offer?

In order to accept your offer, you will need to follow the instructions in the offer email; this requires you to confirm your preferred move in date, which should be between three and seven days of accepting the offer. If you decline your offer or do not reply to the email to confirm your preferred moving date by the deadline, the offer will be removed.

I don't like my offer 

When processing room moves, we'll look to offer you a room that matches the options you have selected, based on the room availability we have at the time we process your application. Once an offer has been made, we're unable to make any changes. If you would prefer to stay in your current accommodation, you can reject the offer that's been made to you.

Rejected/expired offers

If you're offered a room move and your offer expires or you chose to reject it, you'll need to re-submit the room move request form to have your request re-considered. After resubmitting the form, your details will be re-added to the waiting list.  


Swapping rooms

If you would like to swap rooms with another student, both of you will need to email the Student Services Centre to make the request.

Withdrawing, interrupting or changing to part time study

If you are leaving your room in Halls because you are withdrawing, interrupting, changing to part-time or you have been asked to leave following misconduct action, you must complete this online form to let us know on when you plan to vacate your room so that you understand important information around your financial liability. Please also ensure that you go to your Hall Reception to check out. 

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