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Information for New Undergraduates


All new, first-year undergraduate students starting in September 2021

A few days before you arrive, we will automatically add you to your departmental Peer Guide chat in Microsoft Teams, where you can chat to your Peer Guides and meet other students studying in the same Department.

Departmental Peer Guide chat

In the departmental chat, your Peer Guides will post useful messages, including general advice but also content more specific to your School and Department. This is the place where you can ask those burning questions - such as, does my Department have a society? Or, where are the best places to study on campus?

Meeting with a Peer Guide

If you would like to meet individually with a Peer Guide, or in a smaller group, you can sign up by filling in a quick form pinned in the 'general' channel of your department's Peer Guide chat team. We will then match you to a Peer Guide and create a private channel for you to chat.

Your Peer Guide may set a certain time during the week for optional virtual or in-person meetings, or they may support you by answering your questions in the Microsoft Teams chat. If your Peer Guide knows of another team in the College who is better suited to helping you, they will be able to provide you with their contact details.

Please note:

You are free to leave the team at any time. For more guidance, you can view the Terms of Reference, which are also available in your Microsoft Teams departmental team files (also included below). Alternatively, you can email who will be able to assist you further. 

Peer Guide Terms of Reference

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Key Contacts/Services

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Any questions?

Email the Peer Guidance team