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Microsoft Teams


You may be attending some of your lectures and seminars, as well as other appointments, through Microsoft Teams. 

You will be added to a class Team for each of your modules, where you'll be able to see content posted by your lecturer and other students. This is also where staff will start your classes and appointments if you're attending online. 

You can use Microsoft Teams by downloading the app on to you computer or device, or by accessing it through a web browser. 

When you're asked to log in, you should use your Microsoft Office 365 ID, which is your University username with ‘@live.rhul.ac.uk’ added at the end (e.g. abcd123@live.rhul.ac.uk). 

Using MS Teams

Departments are all using Microsoft Teams slightly differently. They will explain their processes in your inductions or first classes.

If you have trouble accessing Microsoft Teams, you can contact us. If you think you are missing classes or have other questions, you should contact your department or school


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A video explaining how to download and log into MS Teams


A video explaining how to join a timetabled teaching session in MS Teams