What's the difference between my username, email address, and my Microsoft Office 365 ID?


Your college username is four letters and three numbers (e.g. abcd123). You will have been sent this via email when you enrolled.

You will use your username to access systems like Moodle, the VPN and CampusNet.

Other services may ask you to log in using your Microsoft Office 365 ID, which is your College username with ‘@live.rhul.ac.uk’ added at the end (e.g. abcd123@live.rhul.ac.uk). Your email account and Campus Connect are both accessed using your Microsoft Office 365 ID. You will also need to use this ID to add your email account to any email clients, and to register your copy of Office 365 on your personal computer.

Your email address is normally in the format firstname.lastname.20XX@live.rhul.ac.uk, where 20XX is the year you started at Royal Holloway (e.g. jane.holloway.2019@live.rhul.ac.uk). This is the memorable email alias designed for you to give to your contacts. Don’t worry though, you will receive emails whether they’re sent to your email address or your Microsoft Office 365 ID and they’ll all go to the same inbox.

Your username, email address and Microsoft Office 365 are all different ways of identifying your single student account registered under your name. All of these services are linked, it’s just the way you’re asked to log into them may look slightly different. Your password remains the same across all College services.

Visit our 'Your account' section for a list of services and information on how you log in.

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