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Uni Kit Out


What is Uni Kit Out and how can it help you? 

Here at Royal Holloway, we want to make sure your experience of Freshers’ Week is an enjoyable one. We do our best to make sure everything runs smoothly during this transitional phase, as we know that settling in can be tricky. Getting to know your campus and feeling at home in your new accommodation will help you make the most of all the activities and events happening throughout Freshers’ Week!

Moving away from home for the first time and into halls of residence can mean lots of new purchases, including bedding, cutlery, crockery, laundry baskets, and all sorts of other things you might not think of.

That’s where Uni Kit Out comes in – as well as providing a handy checklist of everything you might need when moving into halls, you can order all your bedding, bathroom and kitchen equipment and accessories online, and have it delivered straight to your new hall of residence. You can order specific packs for bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, and add extra items to your order to ensure you have everything you need. Securely packaged and safely delivered to your halls, you’ll be all set to jump right into university life!

Uni Kit Out saves you the hassle of transporting all your new belongings to campus yourself, and from making a trip to Ikea in your first week to pick up all those things you didn’t know you’d need! This can be really useful for international students , and those making long journeys to start their new university lives.

Not only does it save on hassle and stress on the day, but Royal Holloway also offers 10% off! Simply use the promotional code RHUL10 with your order. You'll save some money setting up your new university life, and you could use those extra pounds to pay a society membership or buy a round for your new flatmates! 

Check them out here.