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Pre-departure advice

Big Ben-539103344We understand that travelling to study in the UK can be a big step for students. Here we will advise you on the steps that you need take to ensure you are prepared for study at Royal Holloway before you leave your home country. This includes information from advice on what to pack, to information on how to reach Royal Holloway once you arrive in the UK.

Luggage and packing

  1. Keep in mind that some budget airlines and cheaper airfare offers may come with severe restrictions on the amount of luggage you can bring. You may want to check with your airline before you travel about the number and size of bags, which you are able to bring.

  2.  When packing for your journey it is important to keep in mind what items you will need, such as documentation, when you arrive. It is highly recommended that you pack in your carry-on baggage all the documentation you will need to enter the UK and to register at the College, and any valuables. This will ensure that you have everything you need even if your checked baggage is misrouted during your journey.

  3.  Also, make a note of the number of your passport, its date and place of issue, and keep it in a safe place.( take a photograph of your passport and visa and keep and electronic copy.)

  4.  Please be aware that the College is not able to accept or store any luggage sent in advance. You must ensure that any items sent will arrive after you have taken up residence.

  5.  Remember to label all luggage clearly. If you have been allocated a room in a Hall of Residence, make sure that your luggage is marked with the name of your Hall and your room number, not just the name of the College. You are strongly advised to put this information inside your luggage as well, in case the outer labels become torn and your luggage is mislaid.

  6.  The UK has a relatively mild climate as compared to much of Northern Europe, without extremes of hot or cold. However, if you come from a warm or hot climate, the UK will probably feel quite cold and wet. It will take time to acclimatise when you arrive. If you are going to leave your clothes shopping until you get to the UK, remember to budget for this, as clothing in the UK can be expensive. The British climate is quite unpredictable!

Clothing and climate

Generally the coldest (winter) months will be between November and March. The warmest (summer) weather will occur between May and September. Having said that, you will find that you can enjoy a beautiful warm day in March or get a cold and rainy day in July!

An umbrella and waterproof coat are essential as rain showers occur throughout the year. While we rarely get prolonged periods of rain, showers can occur several times in one day. It snows only occasionally in our part of the UK but during the winter months the temperature will often dip below zero degrees Celsius, particularly in the night.

Electrical equipment

The British electrical supply is rated at 240 volts/50 cycles. It is important to review manufacturer's instructions to ensure that any electrical equipment you wish to bring to the UK is compatible. Conversion plugs are widely available from electrical shops.

 You should also be aware that many of the older College residence halls have only one or two electrical plugs and have restrictions on the amount of power which equipment can use. You will be advised about any limitations or restrictions on electrical equipment in the information sent about your room. Please be advised that you cannot use personal cooking equipment in the pantries in many Halls.





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