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PC Lab Applications

All lab PCs run Windows 7 and include MS Office 2013, Adobe reader, Internet Explorer, Firefox, plus numerous other applications.  In addition there are many department-specific applications on all machines.

Some software is restricted to certain labs.

Microsoft Visio

International Building 005  (Visio 2010)

Microsoft Project

International Building 005 (Project 2010)
Two PCs on 1st Floor of the Library

Sibelius 6 & Ear Master 5

Wettons Terrace (Music PC Lab)
Computer Centre Lab 1
Installations can also be found on a number of PCs across the Library

Final Draft 8

Computer Centre Lab 4 (Middle Bench)


International Building 005

Movie Magic Budgeting

Computer Centre Lab 4, Bedford Square PC Lab

Movie Magic Sheduling

Computer Centre Lab 4, Bedford Square PC Lab


Three terminals on the Ground Floor of the Libary
Six terminals in the CBT PC lab
Two terminals in the Moore Building Atrium

All open access PCs have a range of general learning support applications installed. These include:

My Study Bar

My Study Bar tools are designed to support the complete study cycle from research, planning and structuring, to getting across a written or spoken message. The toolbar has 6 sections with drop down menus for each, enabling flexible and independent learning.


Zotero is, at the most basic level, a reference manager. It is designed to store, manage, and cite bibliographic references, such as books and articles. In Zotero, each of these references constitutes an item.

X Mind

XMind is a brainstorming and mind mapping software tool developed to assist users in capturing ideas, organising various charts, and sharing the results with collaboration.

Available in all PC labs unless otherwise stated

Software Version Folder Location
@Risk (IN005  Only) Start Menu
Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 15.0.17 current Applications\Adobe
Adobe Adobe Digital Editions 3.0.1 Not on Start Menu
AMOS 23.0.0 current Applications\SPSS
ArcGIS  10.3.1 current Applications\ArcGIS
Bloomberg (Selected CBT Lab and Bedford Library PCs) Start Menu and Desktop
EndNote X7.5 current Applications\EndNote Program
Final Draft 8 (Computer Centre PC Lab 4 Middle Bench Only ) 8 Start Menu
Ghostgum Gsview 5 current Applications\Ghostgum
Ghostscript  9.19 current Applications\Ghostscript
GIMP 2.8.18 current Applications\GIMP
Google Chrome 52.0.2743 current Applications\Google Chrome
Google Earth current Applications\Google Earth\Google Earth
Inspiration 8 IE 8.0b IE current Applications Inspiration 8\Inspiration 8 IE
LaTeX TeXnicCenter 2.02 current Applications\LaTeX\TeXnicCenter\TeXnicCenter
LaTeX MiKTeX 2.9  current Applications\LaTeX\MiKTeX 2.9
Libre Office 5.1 current Applications\LibreOffice 5.1
Mathematica 10.4.1 current Applications\Mathematica 10.4.1
MatLab R2015a current Applications\MATLAB
Mendelay Desktop 1.16.3 current Applications\Mendelay Desktop
Microsoft Office Access 2013 2013 current Applications\Microsoft Office 2013
Microsoft Office Excel 2013          2013 current Applications\Microsoft Office 2013
Microsoft Office InfoPath Designer 2013 2013 current Applications\Microsoft Office 2013
Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 2013 current Applications\Microsoft Office 2013
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2013 2013 current Applications\Microsoft Office 2013
Microsoft Office Publisher 2013 2013 current Applications\Microsoft Office 2013
Microsoft Office Word 2013            2013 current Applications\Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft Visio (IN005  Only)            

2010 Desktop
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (c++ only) 10.0.40219.1 current Applications\Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
Minitab 17 16.1.1 current Applications\Minitab
Movie Maker  current Applications\Picture & Video Editing
Movie Magic Scheduling (Computer Centre PC Lab 4 and Bedford Square) 6 Start Menu
Movie Magic Budgeting (Computer Centre PC Lab 4 and Bedford Square) 6 Start Menu
Mozilla Firefox ESR 45.3 Start Menu
Notepad ++ 6.9.2 current Applications\Notepad++
Nvivo 11 current applications\nvivo 11
Oracle Virtualbox 5.1.4 current Applications\Oracle VM Virtualbox
Microsoft Project  (IN005 Only) 2010 Desktop
PuTTY Suite 0.67 current Applications Putty\PuTTY
R 3.3.1 current applications\R
Rstudio 0.99.903 current applications\R
Skype 7.26 Messengers
Skype for Business 2015 Current Applications\Microsoft Office 2013
SPSS 23.0.0 current Applications\SPSS
Turning Point current applications\TurningPoint
VLC media player 2.2.4 current Applications\Media Players\VideoLAN
XMind 7.5 update 1 Current applications\Xmind
Yahoo! Messenger Messengers
Zotero Learning Support Apps


Available to students of specific departments in all PC labs

Software Start Menu-Academic Applications-Folder
Biodiversity v2.1 Workstation Biology
ImageJ (Fiji) Biology
Populus Biology
Cn3D\Cn3D Biology
Rasmol\raswin Biology
Stella 9.1\STELLA Biology
Twitch\Twitch Biology
DeepView - Swiss-Pdv Viewer\spdbv  
MathTutor.Ac.Uk Chemistry
ACDLABS 12.0 Chemistry
Cal Videos Chemistry
EMOL Videos Chemistry
The Chemistry Tutor Chemistry
Vibration Modes Chemistry
Wintorg Chemistry
Atom Comp Sci
GIMP Comp Sci
Inkscape Comp Sci
Eclipse Comp Sci
JetBrains PyCharm Community Edition 2016.2.1 Comp Sci
Matlab 2015a Comp Sci
NX Client for Windows Comp Sci
Oracle VM VirtualBox Comp Sci
Cygwin Comp Sci
Graphvis 2.38 Comp Sci
No Machine Comp Sci
Notepad ++ Comp Sci
Python 3.2 Comp Sci
Python 2.8 Comp Sci
R Comp Sci
WinSCP3\WinSCP Comp Sci
WinSCP Earth Sciences
Inkscape Earth Sciences
Past Earth Sciences
Stereo Net Earth Sciences
StereoPro Earth Sciences
ImageJ (Fiji) Earth Sciences
GeoMapApp Earth Sciences
EBM Earth Sciences
QGIS Earth Sciences
CLEA for Earth Sciences Earth Sciences
Hydra-Medusa Earth Sciences
ESTLTP\Arc Magmatism Earth Sciences
ArcGis Earth Sciences
MyEconLab.url Economics
Stata 14 Economics
TraderEx Economics
Past Geography
ArcGIS Geography
GeoMapApp Geography
Stereo Net Geography
Google Earth Geography
Google Earth Pro Geography
TileMill-v0.10.1 Geography
Sedlog Geography
QGIS 2.16.1 Geography
GCDKit Geography
C2 Geography
BugsCEP Geography
Links to various Library resources Library
Remote Desktop Client Information Security Group
Telnet Information Security Group
WinSCP Information Security Group
Burp Suite  
CrypTool Information Security Group
Gimp Information Security Group
MATLAB R2015a Information Security Group
Ninja IDE Information Security Group
FreeMind Information Security Group
ISG Linus TS - Saturn Information Security Group
Cygwin Information Security Group
No Machine Information Security Group
Putty Information Security Group
Oracle VM VirtualBox Information Security Group
Libre Office 5.1 Mathematics
Mathematica Mathematics
LaTeX Mathematics
Minitab 17 Mathematics
MATLAB R2015a Mathematics
SAP FrontEnd Management
Tableau Management
Thompson Reuters  Datastream (Selected CBT Lab PCs) Management
ImageJ Physics
GnuPlot Physics
Inkscape Physics
Albert\Absorption Physics
Albert\Billard Collisions Physics
Albert\Collisions Physics
Albert\Coupled Oscillations Physics
Albert\Diffraction Physics
Albert\Dipole Radiation Physics
Albert\Double Pendulum Physics
Albert\Electrostatic Dipole Physics
Albert\Entropy Physics
Albert\Fermats Principle Physics
Albert\Ferromagnetism Physics
Albert\Fourier Series Physics
Albert\Frames of Reference Physics
Albert\Harmonic Oscillator Physics
Albert\Heat Conduction Physics
Albert\Hydrogen Atom Physics
Albert\Influence and Charge Density Physics
Albert\Interference in 2D Physics
Albert\Keplers Laws Physics
Albert\Kinematics Physics
Albert\Mach's Cone Physics
Albert\Magnetic Field Physics
Albert\Membrane Oscillations Physics
Albert\Monte-Carlo-Methods Physics
Albert\N-particle Systems Physics
Albert\Nuclear Chain Reaction Physics
Albert\Nuclear Decay Physics
Albert\Pendulum Physics
Albert\Polarized Light Physics
Albert\Projectile Motion Physics
Albert\QM-Scattering in 2D Physics
Albert\RLC-Circuits Physics
Albert\Rotational Dynamics Physics
Albert\Snells Law Physics
Albert\Stationary Schr”dinger Equation Physics
Albert\The Ideal Gas Physics
Albert\The Wave Machine Physics
Albert\Thick Lenses Physics
Albert\Thin Lenses Physics
Albert\Trajectories in E- and B-fields Physics
Albert\Tunnelling Effect Physics
Albert\Wave Packets in Oscillator Potential Physics
Albert\Wave Phenomena Physics
CLEA Exercises\Astrometry of Asteroids Physics
CLEA Exercises\Hubble Redshift Physics
CLEA Exercises\Mercury Rotation Physics
CLEA Exercises\Pleiades Photometry Physics
CLEA Exercises\Stellar Spectra Physics
FV\FV Physics
FV\Tix8183 Physics
Jext\Jext Physics
Mathematica Physics
Octave\octave-3.2.0 Physics
Ptolemy\Ptplot 5.3\Histogram Physics
Ptolemy\Ptplot 5.3\Ptplot Physics
Ptolemy\Ptplot 5.3\Pxgraph Physics
Xming Physics
ATLASti Politics & International Relations
DmDX\DmDX Psychology
DmDX\Monitor Psychology
DmDX\TimeDX Psychology



Getting help

Log a call - IT Service Desk:

W: IT Service Desk

E: ITServiceDesk@rhul.ac.uk

T: (01784 41) 4321

Laptop Support and Mobile Device Clinic

IT support helpdesk,
Davison Building,
Library ground floor

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