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College prizes

(All these are awarded when funds allow)

The Martin-Holloway prize

Martin-Holloway prize for the best single honours finalist in each faculty, worth £100. 2014 Richard Tweeddale

The Harrison prize

Harrison prize for the best combined honours finalist, worth £100.     

2014 Bhavik Mehta

The Lilian F Heather and Murgoci prizes

Lilian F Heather and Murgoci prizes for the best first year students in each Faculty. 2014 Miriam Groombridge, Raveen Bedi


University of London prizes


The Sherbrooke Prize


The Lubbock Prize



Mathematics Department prizes

3rd & 4th Year

The Bailey Prize

The Bailey Prize honours Professor Wilfred Bailey, Head of Mathematics at Bedford College 1944-1958. It is awarded to a student of Mathematics at the start of his or her third year of study.

2002 Ed Downing; 2003 James Ashton and Barbara Sandison (shared); 2004 Matthew England; 2005 Richard Biegler-König and Timothy Jones (shared); 2006 Helen Thornewell; 2007 Li Liang; 2008 Cara Nelson; 2009 Dean Pyke; 2010 Jonathan Grant; 2011 Emily Savage; 2013 Richard Tweeddale; 2014 Joshua Payne; 2015 Idzi Baumgart; 2016 Anisa Aden

The Coulter McDowell Prize

The Coulter McDowell Prize marks Professor Coulter McDowell, member of staff at Royal Holloway 1957-1964 and 1969-1986, Head of Mathematics 1981-1986. It is awarded to a third or fourth year undergraduate in the Department of Mathematics in recognition of outstanding performance in their final year project.

2002 Olayemi Daji and Alistair White (shared); 2003 William Byatt; 2004: not awarded; 2005 Sarah Speirs; 2006 Tom Pierpoint; 2007 Joanna Tizzard; 2008 Kim Min-Beom; 2009 Kavit Khagram; 2011 Jonathan Grant, 2013 Malavarayan Kabilan; 2014 Anna Stromberg; 2015 Michael Joyce and Sahana Seetharaman (shared); 2016 Isabella Froud

The Thewlis/Wilks prize

The Thewlis/Wilks Prize is in memory of Madeline Thewlis and Ruth Wilks, former students at Bedford College. It is awarded to a student of the College entering their final examinations in Mathematics to assist him or her in postgraduate work.

2002 Illana Shah; 2003 Irfan Sheikh; 2004 James Ashton; 2005 Matthew England; 2006 Tim Jones; 2007 Helen Thornewell;2008 Sarah Leyton; 2009 Joanna Furnell; 2010 Christopher Purcell; 2011 Dragana Pavlovic; 2013 Conrad Williams; 2014 Avgi Flora Assioti; 2015 Joshua Payne; 2016 Michael Stevens

The Mary Bradburn Prize

The Mary Bradburn Prize is given in memory of Dr Mary Bradburn, student at Royal Holloway College 1935-1940 and staff 1945-1980. They are awarded to undergraduate students of the Mathematics Department in their third or fourth year for outstanding effort or achievement, and were awarded for the first time in 2004.

2004 Paolo Giambrone, Abdul Kobir and Barbara Sandison; 2005 Yuan Tian; 2006 Simon Robinson and Rayhan Miah; 2007 Yajiao Chen and Emma Williamson; 2008 Li Liang; 2009 Mia Tennat, Iordan Ganev; 2010 Sam Woods; 2011 Sam Fry; 2013 Andrew Maher; 2014 Jessica Noone; 2015 Matthew Sargent; 2016 Catherine Foster

IMA Prizes

The two IMA Prizes are awarded by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications to the two best finalists in Mathematics at the College. The prizes consist of free membership to the IMA.

2002 David Lindsay and Anna Saich; 2003 Jonathan Andrews and Kirsty Ford; 2004 James Ashton and Paolo Giambrone; 2005 Matthew England and Yuan Tian; 2006 Richard Biegler-Konig and Tim Jones; 2007 Helen Thornewell and Emma Williamson;2008 Sarah Leyton and Li Liang; 2010 Dean Pyke, Sam Woods; 2013 Andrew Maher and Conrad Williams; 2014 Richard Tweeddale and Avgi Flora Assioti; 2015 Harjit Hullait and Joshua Payne; 2016 Michael Stevens and Isabella Froud


2nd Year

The Harding Prize

The Harding Prize honours Professor Percy Harding, Head of Mathematics at Bedford College 1870-1907. It is awarded to a student in the Department of Mathematics who has completed at least five terms of study, usually for a post-examination essay, or for project work as a group.

2002: not awarded; 2003 Caroline Doherty; 2004: not awarded; 2005 Timothy Jones; 2006 Abtin Pourgive and Helen Thornewell; 2007 Louisa Agamemnos, Hugh Gibson, Li Liang, Timothy McMonagle and Shitao Wang (as a group); 2008 Mehul Choksi, Yin Faat Lau, Darren Pugh, Davinder Sanghera, Mia Tennant (as a group); 2009 Alex Teece, Dean Pyke, Huong Vu, Pooja Suri (as a group); 2010 Joanne Cox, Yan Lu, Keyur Nakum, Mirya Ranu, Ben Young; 2011 Mir Ali, Sam Brewin, Mingxing Mao, Botagoz Tursumbayeva, Bethany Worboyes; 2013 Kiran Flora, Charles Latimer, Amma Nsiah-Ababio, Eleanor Sargeaunt (as a group); 2014 Rebecca Ansell, Chun Hung, Ilyana Iskhandar, Shuonan Meng, Valerie Spell (as a group); 2015 Marine Anton, Isabella Froud, Filip Moen, Alistair Zenou (as a group) 2016 Edward Miskin, Gurjeevan Sembi, Hayden van Reijn, Bosa Weluche-ume, Zizhi Wu (as a group)

Margaret Jackson Prize

 The prize is be awarded to second year students on the basis of their end of year exam results in pure maths.

2014 Joshua Payne and Matthew Sargent; 2015 Isabella Froud and Lambert Le Manh; 2016 Edward Miskin and Amanda Lonergan


1st Year

The Simpson Prize

The Simpson Prize is in memory of Professor Harold Simpson, Head of Mathematics at Bedford College 1907-1944 (until 1939 his surname was Hilton). It is awarded to a first-year undergraduate in the Department of Mathematics in recognition of outstanding academic effort or achievement.

2002 James Ashton and Barbara Sandison (shared); 2003 Alex Channing and Faiza Yousaf (shared); 2004 Timothy Jones and Marc Jourdain de Muizon (shared); 2005 Yajiao Chen and Helen Thornewell (shared); 2006 Li Liang; 2007 Mia Tennant; 2008 Dean Pyke; 2009 Jonathan Grant; 2010 Hanh Thi Hoang; 2011 Conrad Williams; 2013 Amzy Singh; 2014 Umar Akhtar; 2015 Antonia Howard; 2016 Tong Zhang



The Driver Prizes

The Driver prizes, in all subjects taught at Royal Holloway at the time, were endowed by Miss Mary Ann Driver in 1887, just after the opening of the College. Miss Driver was the sister of Jane, wife of Thomas Holloway. Up to two are awarded in Mathematics, for post-examination essays.

2002 James Ashton and Irfan Sheikh; 2003 Claudia Yong; 2004 Jonathan Cooley; 2005 Abtin Pourgive and Helen Thornewell; 2006 Gwyneth Bradbury; 2007 Rachel Spring; 2009 Susan Orme;  

Apart from the IMA and Thewlis/Wilks prizes, the Mathematics prizes are to be spent on books. There are also various College prizes, for work unrelated to mathematics, occasionally advertised.



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