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IT2000 Advanced Italian II for Post Beginners

IT2000   Advanced Italian II for Post Beginners 
Terms 1 and 2

Convenor: Ambra Anelotti


Written exam.

(50%) (3 hours) - Term 3

Oral exam

(50%) (15 min) – Term 3

In order to pass the core language unit, students must obtain an overall pass mark
(average of the written and oral exam marks) and pass the final written examination.

Formative Assessment: correction and/or marking of written work and oral presentations set throughout the year. 


IT2000 is a core language course for Year 2 students on the post beginners’ pathway. It comprises a written and an oral component. There are five hours of seminars per week as well as a grammar lecture taught fortnightly.

All classes are conducted in Italian adopting a communicative approach.

In the Written component, we will focus on practising reading comprehension, commentary writing as well as translation from English into Italian. Students will have the opportunity to analyse articles from Italian newspapers and podcasts from internet sources, related to social, cultural and political issues in contemporary Italy. They will learn to understand these texts, improve their skills to paraphrase them, construct coherent commentaries on them and assimilate the relevant vocabulary. They will develop the ability to translate short pieces of modern English literary prose into Italian accurately, whilst revising and extending their understanding of the Italian language by carrying out a variety of grammar and vocabulary exercises.

In the Oral component, students will improve their skills in structuring oral presentations as well as take part in informal debates in order to learn to express their opinions in Italian.

In the Grammar lecture, students will be able to focus on specific grammar topics in order to familiarize themselves with more complex sentence constructions in order to be able to use them in context.

By the end of this course, students will have gained the confidence to communicate with fluency and competence in Italian. They will have advanced their ability to use complex grammatical structures and idiomatic expressions, whilst increasing oral and aural skills to a high level, which will enable them to study at university or work during their Period of Residence in Italy.

All texts and grammar exercises are available on Moodle. Students are required to download, print out and read them in preparation for all the language classes. Supplementary material will be provided by the teacher when necessary.

The grammar exercises available on moodle are from:

Simona Simula, Conoscere l’Italiano, Intermedio Avanzato (Cideb Editrice, 2004)

P. Pauli, In Pratica, Attività Linguistiche Esercizi - Livello Superiore (Primus Edizioni, 1999)

Alessandra Latino, Marida Muscoilino, Una Grammatica Italiana per Tutti, Vol 1 & Vol 2 (Edilingua, 2005)

Key Bibliography:

Marco Mezzadri, GP: Grammatica Pratica della lingua italiana. Livello A1-C1 (Loescher, 2016); [this replaces Soluzioni]

Giuseppe Ragazzini, Il Ragazzini 2016 Dizionario Inglese-Italiano, Italian-English Dictionary - Versione Base, (Zanichelli Editore, Bologna 2015)

Please contact the Italian Bookshop to purchase your text books: www.italianbookshop.co.uk/.co.uk/

Other useful bibliography:

Giacomo Devoto & Gian Carlo Oli, Il Devoto-Oli, Vocabolario della Lingua Italiana 2014, (Le Monnier, 2013)

Virginia Browne, Elena Mendes, Gabriele Natali, Odd pairs & False Friends: Dizionario dei falsi amici di inglese, (Zanichelli Editore,1999)

Sinonimi Master: www.homolaicus.com/linguaggi/sinonimi



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