PGR Peer Mentoring Scheme


The PGR Peer Mentoring Scheme has been set up to provide the opportunity for new researchers at Royal Holloway to benefit from informal peer-to-peer support from researchers in the later stages of their research degree.

  • The trained PGR peer mentors can support mentees with advice on community and developmental aspects of PGR study e.g. discussions may include future career aspirations, working successfully with your supervisor, work/life balance, demands of personal/work life etc.
  • PGR peer mentors will often have more than one mentee and are encouraged to meet with them in a small group, thus helping mentees to meet other new students and build a support network at Royal Holloway. 
  • All new postgraduate researchers and those who are entering their second year in September 2021 can apply for a mentor. Please email We will assign you a mentor in September 2021 if not before.


I want to find out more about being a PGR peer mentee


I want to find out more about being a PGR peer mentor



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