PGR Student Reps


Recruitment for the following 2021/22 roles is now open:

  • PGR academic rep. for your School - volunteering deadline Friday 22 October
  • PGR Collective Convenor for your School - application deadline Thursday 7 October

Why become a PGR academic rep or Collective Convenor?

Hear from some of last year's academic reps and PGR Collective Convenors:

Shanika Ranasinghe - passport photo

Shanika Ranasinghe - PhD Music

I’m Shanika, one of your outgoing PGR Collective Convenors. I’ve been in the role two years but know that most of you are unaware of the existence of Collectives, or what we do as Convenors! Read more.


Ryan Payton - PhD Earth Sciences

Now that the 2021/22 academic year is under way this presents a great opportunity to get involved with the PGR community within your department, school and the wider university as a PGR Academic Rep. Read more.

Kate Ferry Swainson

Kate Ferry-Swainson - PhD French

Hello! I’m Kate, starting the second year of my PhD in LLC. I wanted to let PGRs know what a positive experience it is to be a PGR Academic Rep, in the hope that this will encourage you to come forward and apply to be one. Read more.

Dawn Watling

Professor Dawn Watling - School of Life Sciences and the Environment

PGR academic representatives form a very important part of the lines of communication between PGR students and academic staff. It is important to have a representative from our PGR student groups to provide feedback to staff, to committees, to the Doctoral School, and to College more broadly, on what we are doing well and where things can be improved. Read more.


What do the roles entail?


PGR academic rep. role

Your School's PGR Student-Staff Committee, held once a term, provides a valuable opportunity for you to voice your ideas on how positive changes could be made to improve the experience of you and your contemporaries as postgraduate researchers at Royal Holloway.  We would encourage PGR students from Masters by Research, ProfDoc, MPhil and PhD programmes from all stages to get involved and help make a difference.  

  • This is not an elected role - you simply need to volunteer
  • As a department rep, you will expect to:
    • gather feedback from other PGR students and doing  investigative work that will lead to a positive changes to PGR provision 
    • attend comprehensive training provided by the Students’ Union
    • attend your School's PGR Staff-Student Committees (SSC) with academic staff to discuss the feedback you have gathered, as well as hearing from academics about any other matters of interest.  
    • feedback the outcome of any meetings / changes achieved with the rest of your cohort – helping all students understand how their feedback can lead to change
    • be invited to attend the PGR Forum*
    • Find out more about what being an academic representative entails 


PGR Collective Convenor role - one per School

  • This is an elected role.
  • As a Collective Convenor for your School, you will expect to:
    • chair your School's PGR Student-Staff Committee
    • attend your School's RSOC (Research Students Oversight Committee) on behalf of the PGR community
    • attend Students’ Union Executives to represent the PGR community on Education and Wellbeing and diversity matters
    • attend the Doctoral School Committee, which has oversight of PGRs and doctoral programmes, to represent the PGR community
    • communicate regularly with the PGR academic reps and the VP Education
    • be invited to attend the PGR Forum*


 * PGR Forum - As a PGR Collective Convemor or a PGR academic rep. you will also have the opportunity to join the PGR Forum. The PGR Forum runs once a term and brings together representatives from the PGR School Student-Staff Committees. the SU's PGR Collective and SU officers to work together with the Doctoral School to drive forward improvements for the postgraduate research community at a College level.


How to apply?


PGR academic rep. role

  • Volunteer to sit on your School's PGR Student-Staff Committee via the ‘Volunteer to be a Course Rep’ button (N.B. the department button on that page is just for UGs)    
  • The Students’ Union allows you to volunteer at any point before 4pm on Friday 22 October but we would recommend that you volunteer, if possible, by the middle of October as some of the PGR School Student-Staff Committees will be held towards the end of October and you may want to take the opportunity to attend the Students’ Union academic rep training first (optional).
  • If you have any questions at all, please contact the Students’ Union Student Voice team at voice@su.rhul.ac.uk  and they’ll get back to you as soon as they can.


PGR Collective Convenor role - one per School

  • All PGRs are automatically given membership fo the PGR Collective so all are eligible to apply for this role.
  • Find out more about the Collective and how to nominate yourself for the Collective Convenor role
  • The timeline is:
    • Nominations close:        4pm on Thursday 7 October
    • Voting opens:                 10am on Monday 11 October
    • Voting closes:                 4pm on Wednesday 13 October
    • Results announced:       Friday 15 October
  • If you have any questions at all, please contact the Students’ Union Student Voice team at voice@su.rhul.ac.uk  and they’ll get back to you as soon as they can. 

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