PGR Student Reps



What do the roles entail?

PGR academic rep.

Your School's PGR Staff-Student Action Meeting, held once a term, provides a valuable opportunity for you to voice your ideas on how positive changes could be made to improve the experience of you and your peers as postgraduate researchers at Royal Holloway. We would encourage PGR students from Masters by Research, ProfDoc, MPhil and PhD programmes from all stages to get involved and help make a difference.

This is not and elected role - you simply need to volunteer

A PGR academic rep. is expected to:

  • gather feedback from other PGR students and do investigative work that will lead to a positive changes to PGR provision 
  • attend comprehensive training provided by the Students’ Union
  • attend your School's PGR Staff-Student Action Meeting (SSAM) with academic staff to discuss the feedback you have gathered, as well as hearing from academics about any other matters of interest.  
  • feedback the outcome of any meetings / changes achieved with the rest of your cohort – helping all students understand how their feedback can lead to change
  • opt in to attend the PGR Forum

PGR School Reps

This is an elected role.

Following the referendum the Students' Union ran in the Spring Elections, the role of the PGR Collective Convenors has been separated into 1 PGR Community Officer and 6 PGR School Reps.

  • Gather feedback from respective Department Reps
  • Maintain regular communication with the respective Undergraduate School Rep so the feedback can be passed onto the VP Education
  • Communicate progress made to Department Reps – closing the feedback loop
  • Engage with Department Reps representation and work
  • Maintain close communication with the PGR Community Officer to identify any issues that overlap community and academic needs
  • Attend the PGR Forum



Your reps for 2023/24 can be found below - they are PhD students unless otherwise specified. They will remain in post until October 2024.

Business and Management reps

PGR SSC rep Department Contact details
Narayanan Gopalakrishnan Management Gopalakrishnan.2020@live.rhul.ac.uk

EPMS reps

PGR SSC rep Department Contact details
Taylor Robinson Informarion Security CDT Taylor.Robinson.2021@live.rhul.ac.uk
Sam Weller Electronic Engineering Samuel.Weller.2017@live.rhul.ac.uk

Humanities reps

PGR SSC rep Department Contact details
Heathcliff Newman LLC Heathcliff.Newman.2023@live.rhul.ac.uk
Kate Pozgay History Kate.Pozgay.2017@live.rhul.ac.uk

Law and Social Sciences reps

PGR SSC rep Department Contact details
Anya Turrini Economics Enya.Turrini.2022@live.rhul.ac.uk
Kat Osborne Law & Criminology Kat.Osborne.2023@live.rhul.ac.uk
Aine Bennett Politics Aine.Bennett.2021@live.rhul.ac.uk
Kenneth Ghartey Law & Criminology Kenneth.Ghartey.2022@live.rhul.ac.uk

Life Sciences and the Environment reps

PGR SSC rep Department Contact details
Anees Zaman Biological Sciences (MbyR) Anees.Zaman.2020@live.rhul.ac.uk
Cordelia Tubb Biological Sciences (Year 2) Cordelia.Tubb.2022@live.rhul.ac.uk  
Elisa Fernández Fueyo Biological Sciences (Year 3) Elisa.FernandezFueyo.2021@live.rhul.ac.uk
Megan Poole Earth Sciences (Year 2) Megan.Poole.2022@live.rhul.ac.uk
Stephanie Batten Earth Sciences (Year 2) Steph.Batten.2022@live.rhul.ac.uk
Min Yee Tan Geography (Year 2) Min.Tan.2023@live.rhul.ac.uk
Viveca Mellegård Geography (Year 3) Viveca.Mellegard.2021@live.rhul.ac.uk
Eleanor Alderman Psychology (Year 1) Eleanor.Alderman.2019@live.rhul.ac.uk
Kavishini Apasamy Psychology (Year 2) Kavishini.Apasamy.2019@live.rhul.ac.uk
Courtney Hooton Psychology (Year 2) Courtney.Hooton.2019@live.rhul.ac.uk
Gaia Giampietro Psychology (Year 3) Gaia.Giampietro.2019@live.rhul.ac.uk
Marianne Sarfati Psychology (Year 3) Marianne.Sarfati.2021@live.rhul.ac.uk
Taniya Welmillage DClinPsy Taniya.Welmillage.2023@live.rhul.ac.uk

Performing and Digital Arts reps

PGR SSC rep Department Other roles Contact details
Shanika Ranasinghe Music Shanika.Ranasinghe.2014@live.rhul.ac.uk



PGR Forum

The PGR Forum runs once a term and is an informal, solution-focussed space for representatives from the PGR School Staff-Committees and the SU's PGR Collective to work together with the Doctoral School and SU's officers to drive forward improvements for the postgraduate research community at a College level


Contact us

By email:
  • doctoralschool@rhul.ac.uk
  • Manned 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday

By phone:

  • 01784 276886
  • Manned 10am-4pm, Tuesday to Thursday

In person:

  • Visit our helpdesk in room S-105, Founder's South Tower
  • Open 10am-4pm on Tuesdays

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