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Guidance on requesting a suspension of regulations

Including interruption and extension requests 

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General guidance for staff on extension and interruption requests

Guidance notes on vivas by video conference


Overview of request process

 Overview of suspension of regulations process

  1. If the student is requesting an interruption or extension to submission deadline, student and supervisor complete the Extension / interruption of studies request form  (N.B. - requests for Maternity, paternity or adoption leave do not need to be submitted via the online PGR request form; they should be submitted directly to the Doctoral School
  2. Supervisor collates supporting evidence (e.g. proof of extenuating circumstances - see the Extenuating circumstances - guidance for students for details of the type of documentation which is required to support such requests.
  3. If the student is externally funded, supervisor checks the impact of the request on their studentship
  4. Supervisor submits the request via the Online PGR request form, uploading the Extension / Interruption of studies request form (if applicable)  and the supporting evidence 


 Guidance on completing the Online PGR Request form

  • The form must be completed by a member of staff, usually the supervisor.
  • The online form does not allow you to save your session, so pasting written comments from a Word document is advisable if longer comments are required. You can preview the form here to see what to expect.
  • The online form will require you to upload evidence of extenuating circumstances in a single electronic file (e.g. a single .pdf). You may need to scan the evidence to produce a single file to upload if there are several separate documents which are relevant to the case in question.
  • Once the completed form has been submitted, you will receive an email notification with the submission detail for your records. 



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General guidance for staff on extension and interruption requests

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