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Postgraduate research fees


Postgraduate research fees for 2023/24

Programme Fees owed (see below details of fees if you submit before your submission deadline)
PhD 3 years full-time fees + 1 year writing up fee (or 6 years part-time fees + 2 years part-time writing up fees)
MPhil 2 years full-time fees + 1 year writing up fee (or 4 years part-time fees + 2 years part-time writing up fees)
Masters by Research 1 year full time fees (or 2 years part-time fees)
ProfDoc 6 years part-time fees + 4 years part-time writing up fees


 Frequently asked questions 

When do I need to pay my fees?

You are billed your tuition fees for the academic year one month before the anniversary of your start date and are expected to pay before your anniversary date e.g. students with a standard September start date will be billed in August each year and those with a January start date will be billed in December each year.

The exception to this for those of you whose funding expires part way through your billing year.  In this case, you will be billed your writing up fee a month before the funding expires.

How do I pay my fees?

Why am I charged a fee in my writing up year(s)?

  • This is a fee normally charged when postgraduate researchers have reached their writing up period, which is after 3 years full-time (except for ISG CDT students, who start their writing up period after 4 years full-time), or six years part-time.  
  • The writing up fee is charged to cover the following:
    • The writing up year(s) is normally one in which there is intense supervision activity, including reading of many draft thesis chapters and the full draft thesis. Without the writing up fee, the University would receive no funding at all for that work by supervisors.
    • In additon to access to supervision, during their writing up year(s), postgraduate researchers continue to have full access to the University's resources e.g. the Library (including electronic resources), the Doctoral School administrative support, Student Support services etc.

Do I get a fees refund if I submit my thesis before my submission deadline?

  • If you submit before your writing up year has started (e.g. during your 3rd year full-time / 6th year part-time), you are not eligible for any refund for that year.
  • If you submit within your writing up period however, you are eligible for a pro-rata refund of the writing-up fee that you have paid e.g. if you start your writing up year in September 2021, with a thesis submission deadline of September 2022, and then submit your thesis at the end of June 2022, you will be eligible for a 3 month refund as you have submitted after only 9 months of your writing-up year
  • If you submit within one month of the start of your writing up year, you will not be liable for any writing up fee for that year.

Do I get a refund if I have been charged an extension fee but submit earlier than expected?

No - there is no refund of extension fees.

Do I need to pay any further fees once I have submitted my thesis?

No - you are not liable for any further fees unless you get a resubmission outcome, in which case you will be billed a flat resubmission fee.

Find out more about resubmission fees

  • If you get a resubmission outcome after your first thesis submission, you will be billed the resubmission fee at the point that you accept the offer to resubmit.  It is expected that you pay this fee within one month of the invoice.
  • This is a flat fee so there is no refund if you submit earlier than the resubmission deadline.


Read the Student fee regulations and Tuition fee operational guidelines


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