Resubmission within 12 / 18 months


If your examiners have decided after your viva that you are required to resubmit your thesis within 18 months (12 months for MPhil), this outcome will be sent to the Director of Postgraduate Research for approval.

If the outcome is approved, you will be sent a letter confirming the viva outcome and the appropriate resubmission fee which is a flat fee to cover the period of the resubmission. 

Resubmission fees - 2022/2023
2nd viva not required 2nd viva required
PhD - resubmit within 18 months £340 £615
MPhil- resubmit within 12 months £280 £530


The resubmission process

It is recommended that you submit your PhD/MPhil resubmission exam entry form to your supervisor two months prior to resubmission. It must be indicated here whether the same examiners (and independent chair if there is a second viva) will be examining your thesis as the first submission or whether these will be new examiners.

A copy of your revised thesis should be sent to your supervisor for checking prior to resubmission to the Doctoral School. We further recommend that a copy of the list of amendments from the first submission is included with a description of how and where the corrections have been addressed.

Please be aware that a random sample of all resubmitted research degree theses submitted to will be put through Turnitin to check for originality before they are sent to the examiners.  

Overview of PhD/MPhil resubmission exam process flowchart

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