PhD/MPhil Exam Process

If you are getting ready to submit your thesis, you have reached the PhD/MPhil exam process. Here is an overview of what happens now.

  • It is recommended that you submit your PhD/MPhil exam entry form two months before submission
  • The details of the examiners and independent chair nominated by your supervisor are sent to the Director of Postgraduate Education for approval, who will then send this to the Doctoral School
  • Your approved examiners and chair are invited to examine your thesis
  • Thesis submission - An electronic copy should be emailed to the Doctoral School. If your examiners request a hard copy, we will let you know
  • If your examiners have accepted the invitation to examine, your thesis will be dispatched to them within 3-5 working days
  • Your supervisor and independent chair should arrange the viva to take place within three months
  • The viva examination takes place
  • The Doctoral School confirms the outcome of the viva to you by email




Exam Entry


Thesis Submission


Viva Examination



Viva outcome


3 month corrections or 9 month amendments


Resubmission within 12 / 18 months


Final thesis submission


Award process


Degree certificate and graduation



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