3 month corrections or 9 month amendments


Following your viva, your examiners may decide that your thesis merits the award of PhD/MPhil subject to specific changes.


How will I receive the corrections?

The examiners may provide you with a list of required amendments or annotated copies of your thesis at the viva. If this is the case, please begin making the corrections indicated by the examiners.

If the examiners do not provide you with a list of the amendments required, these may be sent to you or your supervisor in the weeks following the viva or the list will be sent directly to the Doctoral School, who will then forward this onto you.


What will my deadline be?

The three / nine months you have to complete the corrections will begin from the date you have received notification of all the required corrections. The Doctoral School will confirm the deadline for you to submit your corrections to the nominated examiner or both examiners by. 

Please note that this is the deadline for you to submit your corrections to your examiner(s) and not the examiner(s)’ deadline to check your corrections.

If you have any queries regarding the corrections, you should contact your supervisor who will ask the examiner(s) on your behalf.


How should I submit my corrections?

An electronic copy of your thesis should be sent directly to your examiner, copying in Doctoral School. It is recommended that a document outlining how you have addressed the examiners’ concerns is submitted with this or tracked changes are shown on the electronic thesis.

Please note that if you do not complete the required corrections to the examiner(s)’ satisfaction or do not complete the corrections within three / nine months, this may result in the failure of your degree and the termination of your studies.


How will I be informed if the corrections have been completed satisfactorily?

Once you have submitted your corrections, your examiner(s) will decide whether you have completed all corrections satisfactorily. Even though your examiner(s) may informally tell you that the corrections are satisfactory, you will be sent the official confirmation by the Doctoral School once the examiner(s) have submitted the necessary form to the Doctoral School..

If the Doctoral School have not received a decision from the examiner(s) within two weeks of the deadline, they will chase this up with the examiner(s).




What happens next? 

Submission of finalised thesis and award process

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