PhD/MPhil Thesis submission



Royal Holloway's proofreading scheme

CeDAS oversees the Royal Holloway proofreading scheme, which enables students to pay for an approved third-party proofreader to identify surface error in final drafts. Please note, the College does not permit the use of paid third-party proofreaders who are not part of this scheme.

Does the thesis have to be formatted as a monograph?

If you have as papers (including book chapters, journal articles, or conference proceedings) that you would like to include as part of your thesis, you can either present your thesis:


  • in a format other than a monograph (alternative format)

Find out more about the requirements for the format other than a monograph 

Guidance on formatting your thesis

Instructions and notes on submission

LaTeX templates

Suggested order for pages in the thesis (please note that this a guide only and is not prescriptive):

  1. Title page
  2. Declaration of authorship
  3. Acknowledgements
  4. Abstract
  5. List of contents
  6. List of tables/figures/illustrations/accompanying material
  7. Body of Thesis
  8. Appendices
  9. Glossary/Abbreviations
  10. Bibliography/References

What should be submitted?

The following should be emailed to the Doctoral School:

  • An electronic PDF copy of your thesis
  • If the file is too large, please share the file via DropBox or WeTransfer and notify the Doctoral School that you have done so. Please note we are unable to accept files sent via SharePoint
  • The declaration of number of words form (signed by your supervisor)

Your thesis should be submitted before midnight on the date of your submission deadline.

The only exception to this is where agreement is in place for a restriction of access for reasons of confidentiality, commercial sensitivity or patents which makes it inappropriate to provide an electronic copy for the examiners.  An application for permission to exclude the need to submit a pre-viva electronic copy of the thesis should be made in writing to the Doctoral School no later than the time of your entry to the examination. This application must be supported by your supervisor.

OPTIONAL - If you feel the Covid-19 pandemic has affected your PhD work, you can complete this form and submit it alongside your thesis to make your examiners aware of how the pandemic affected your work.

Is a hard copy of the thesis required?

A hard copy of the thesis is no longer required as a matter of course.  Hard copies for your thesis are only required if:

  • the requirement to submit an electronic copy of your thesis has been waived (see above).  In such cases, you will need to submit three copies of the thesis
  • either / both your examiners specifically request a hard copy.  The Doctoral School will inform you if that is the case once the examiners have accepted their invitation to examine
  • you have a particular reason why you would like to present the thesis as a hard copy to the examiners, in which case you will need to submit three copies of the thesis

 If you are submitting hard copies of your thesis:

  • Please submit them:
  • The content  and format of the hard copies must be identical to the electronic copy submitted
  • The theses must be robust enough to endure the examination process and be easily identifiable
  • The theses must be securely bound (e.g. spiral bound, cloth bound, comb bound). If you have queries regarding appropriate binding formats, please email the Doctoral School.

The hard copy theses should be submitted by 5pm on the submission deadline date.


The College takes the issue of plagiarism and other academic misconduct extremely seriously.   All new PGR students are required to complete the ‘Avoiding Plagiarism’ course in Moodle ( prior to their first annual review. This 60 minute interactive online course is designed to ensure that students across all discipline areas follow best practice in referencing, paraphrasing and using citations. 

Please refer to the College’s Regulations on Academic Misconduct for what constitutes academic misconduct, as well as the procedures to be followed for the investigation of alleged academic misconduct and possible outcomes

Random submission of theses to Turnitin

To help deter plagiarism, it is College policy to select a random sample of research degree theses, which have been submitted to the Doctoral School, for submission to the plagiarism detection software Turnitin before the examination process is initiated. Exemptions are in place for theses covered by commercial confidentiality agreements. Turnitin reports are reviewed by the School Director of PGR Education.  Should concerns be raised, you will be notified by the Doctoral School.

If you would like to use Turnitin as a formative tool to check your draft work prior to submission, please discuss this option with your supervisor. 



What happens next?


Contact us


By email:

By phone:

  • 01784 276886
  • Manned 10am-4pm, Tuesday to Thursday

In person:

  • Visit our helpdesk in room S-105, Founder's South Tower
  • Open 10am-4pm on Tuesdays

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