Covid-19 non-funded deadline extension scheme


The College's Covid-19 non-funded deadline extension scheme concentrated on providing extensions to those of you who originally had an upgrade, submission or resubmission deadline between March 2020 - December 2021.  

If your deadline is after December 2021 and your progress has been adversely affected by Covid-19 despite steps you have taken to help minimise the impact, we invite you to submit a Covid non-funded deadline extension application once your deadline is within the timeline outlined below:

What deadline do you want to extend? When should you apply for it?
Upgrade When you are within 3 - 4 months of your current upgrade deadline
Thesis / dissertation submission When you are within 12 months of your current submission deadline
Resubmission  When you are within 12 months of your current resubmission deadline
Covid-19 deadline extension application form 


Still have questions?

Please have a look at the FAQs below but if you are not able to find the answer to your query  there, please do not hesitate to contact the Doctoral School at



Can I apply for a further extension even if I have already been granted a 12 week blanket extension?

Yes - we understand that there will be some of you with a deadline this year for whom 12 week blanket extension you have already been granted has not adequately compensated for the impact of the pandemic on your progress, regardless of any mitigating steps you have tried to take. Any extension previously granted will be taken into account when assessing how many additional months' extension would be appropriate in your particular circumstances

What is the application process to request a non-funded extension (or further extension) due to the impact of Covid-19?

  1. Complete section 1 of the Covid-19 deadline extension application form  
    • The maximum period that can be requested at any one time is 6 months
  2. Forward the completed form to your supervisor for approval;
  3. Your supervisor completes section 2 to confirm their support for the request
  4. Your supervisor forwards the completed form and any available evidence to;
  5. The Doctoral School sends the request to your School Director of PGR Education for approval;
    • All previous extensions granted due to Covid-19 will be taken into consideration when making a decision
    • All evidence submitted and mitigation strategies employed will be considered when making a decision
  6. The Doctoral School informs you and your supervisor of the outcome and your student record is updated accordingly.

Is there an additional fee attached to the extension?

No - there is no fee attached to any extensions granted due to Covid-19, however there can be a delay between a charge going on before being cancelled again, so you may see these transactions appear on your records in Campus Connect.

I have a Tier 4 / Student Route visa.  Where can I get advice about the impact of the change to my submission deadline?

If an extension is granted which takes your period of study beyond your Student Route/Tier 4 visa end date, you may be eligible to apply for a new Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) to renew your student visa. However, this is not guaranteed as it will be dependent on your eligibility for further Student Route/Tier 4 leave.  Where it is not possible to issue you with another CAS you will be required to complete your studies in your home country.

For further immigration advice please contact the International Student Support Office at

I am on an ATAS bearing course - can I still apply for an extension? 

If you were required to provide an ATAS certificate in order to first join your course and are requesting an extension to your submission, corrections or resubmission deadline, then you MUST ensure you have spoken to our International Student Support Office at before making your application, otherwise your visa may become invalid immediately.

The Doctoral School will need to see confirmation that you have done this before your request will be processed.

If you are on an ATAS bearing course but are requesting an extension to your upgrade deadline, then this does not have any bearing on your visa.

For further advice and guidance on ATAS certification and the impact of this on your visa, please contact our International Student Support Office at




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