Nov 29 2022
Royal Holloway University of London is home to an international community of researchers and scholars. Our collaborations with colleagues from around the globe are fundamental to our status as a leading research institution. As the world continues to become more connected, it is more important than ever to protect researchers, those who entrust us with sensitive information, and our research outputs, from misuse, theft, or interference.
The College has released guidance and information on relevant topics such as personal data, research data, export controls, intellectual property and cyber security through a series of web-pages under the umbrella of Trusted Research. This is part of a campaign across the higher education sector jointly coordinated by UK Research & Innovation and the Council for the Protection of National Infrastructure and supported by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. You can find our Trusted Research web-pages here. There is also a link on our Doctoral School microsite here.
While particularly relevant to researchers in STEM subjects, dual-use technologies, emerging technologies and commercially sensitive research areas, Trusted Research is something all researchers will want to think about, especially if your research involves collaboration with others. The guidance covers practical questions and steps to consider, and links to external guidance, checklists and tips to help researchers. Trusted Research is a subject to discuss regularly with your supervisor as you plan your research and as it progresses and Research and Innovation can also provide guidance - you can contact them with Trusted Research questions at