Nov 16 2022

As part of the Doctoral School’s strategy to offer opportunities to develop your skills to support future employment pathways, the PGR Career Enhancement Placement Scheme provides financial support for placements of up to 3 months long (or part-time equivalent) which would otherwise be unpaid.  The scheme is now open to those of you who are able to source the placement opportunity yourself but will be expanded in the months to come to include opportunities sourced by the College and advertised on the PGR Career Enhancement Placement Scheme webpage.  The scheme is open to all registered postgraduate researchers regardless of whether you are full-time or part-time, in your first year or have submitted your thesis and waiting for your viva.  A variation of the scheme is also open to those of you on a Student Route Visa.

 Read the PGR Career Enhancement Placement Scheme guide for more details.


Why do a placement?

It may well be that you have never considered taking time out of your research to go on a placement.  So, what are the benefits?  The quotes below from those who have already been on a placement give you a flavour of how positive the experience can be:

  •  ‘It was definitely a massive highlight of my PhD so far and I’d encourage anyone who has the opportunity to take it!’
  • ‘I had the opportunity to gain skills that I would’ve otherwise not had time to learn during my PhD’
  • ‘I made contacts from a wider circle of research institutes and other academic institutions with potential for future collaboration’
  • ‘(It) provided me with an invaluable research community and network.’
  • ‘(It was) a wonderful opportunity to gain expert advice and some future contacts and recommendations’

 Find out more about the benefits of going on a placement and read the full testimonials



This is a pilot scheme for 2022/23 with funds to cover up to six placements during this academic year.  Applications are now open and will be considered on a first come, first served basis.

 Find out how to apply


Any questions?

 If you are not able to find the information you are looking for in the guide or the webpage, please do not hesitate to contact the Doctoral School.