May 29 2019

As part of the academic restructure, a new Doctoral School is being created in addition to the six academic schools as of 1 August 2019.


How will the new Doctoral School fit in with the six academic schools?

The Doctoral School will bring together the key administrative activities which support PGR students throughout their student journey.  Whether you should contact your department, academic school or the Doctoral School when you have a query will depend on your role at any one time:

PGR student's roles


How will the new Doctoral School support the student journey?

By creating a centre of expertise within the College dedicated to PGR students, we aim to improve and simplify the support available. In most cases where you currently contact your departmental PGR administrator, you will contact the Doctoral School team instead, whether in person at our helpdesk, by email or by phone.  

Click on the image below for more details.

Doctoral School wheel

Where will the Doctoral School be located?

From 1 August, the Doctoral School will be located temporarily in the John Bowyer Building. We hope to move to our permanent location in the South Tower of Founders, next to the SCR and Herringham Room, by November, thus locating the informal space for PGR students in close proximity to PGR administrative support.   


How can I find out more about the new Doctoral School?

Updates about the new Doctoral School will be published over the next couple of months via the Staff Newsletter and this link on the  Doctoral School microsite.

Slides from the Doctoral School open meeting for PGR students 28 May 2019