Requesting College co-funding of PGR studentships

How to request College co-funding of a PGR studentship


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If you are requesting College co-funding (in the form of maintenance, fee award or research support, or a combination of these) of a PGR studentship, please apply via the College co-funding of a PGR studentship application form.

    • The external funding organisation might be an industry partner, a charitable or research organization, a government sponsor, or grant-making body. 
    • If the partner is from industry, it is expected that the studentship should cover 4 years full-time tuition fees and stipend (or part-time equivalent) and the industry funder most provide at least 50% of the studentship.
    • It is expected that the College co-funds the fees and the stipend but that any RTSG or research expenses should be funded 100% by the external organisation.

If you have an overseas applicant who has secured a stipend / sponsorship in their home country but does not have their fees covered, you can request that the College covers the student's fees via this College co-funding of a PGR studentship application form.

    • Please note that it is College policy not to co-fund or waive fees for studentships where the student themselves, or their family, are funding the remainder of the costs.


When is it not necessary to request co-funding?

Where these are already approved through a previous institutional agreement, for example, for a UKRI Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) or CDT (Centre for Doctoral Training) - unless  the DTP or CDT is a new one which has not been previously approved by the Policy and Resources Committee. 


Application process

  1. Lead academic contacts Research and Innovation so that the costings can be completed (please note that this step is not required if the request is for a fee waiver only):
  2. Lead academic then completes the College Co-funding of a PGR studentship application form and submits it to Alex Borrett (, Doctoral School Manager
  3. Costed applications will then be considered by the Dean of the Doctoral School (Ken Badcock) with the intention of a quick decision. He will take advice from the relevant School Director of PGR Education and the Director of Research as necessary.
  4. The Doctoral School will inform applicants of the decision and advise on the next steps. 


Please note:

  • If the details of the co-funding arrangement change in the time between the form being approved and the studentship agreement being finalised, then a revised form should be submitted for approval.
  • If a student is not recruited, or the College co-funding is no longer required, it is important that you inform as soon as possible so that the funding can be released for another purpose.


Contact us

If you have any queries regarding this process, please contact Alex Borrett

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