Change of mode for studentship recipients

How do I change my mode of study to full-time or part-time study?

Throughout the programme, your circumstances may change, requiring you to change your mode of study. It is important that if you wish to change your mode of study to part time or full time, you inform the Doctoral School.

Change of mode process

In addition to this, if you are in receipt of a studentship, please read the FAQs below before requesting the change.


Frequently asked questions 

How do I ensure that the change is permitted within the conditions of my funding?

Any changes to your mode of study must be agreed with your funding body prior to requesting the change with Royal Holloway.

  • If you are fully College funded, there are no funding restrictions to you changing mode
  • If you are funded by the UKRI or an external agency, you will need to refer to the terms and conditions of your funding / contact your funder's administrators to check and provide proof of their agreement when you submit your change of mode application

If you require any guidance about whom to contact, please contact the Doctoral School

How will this change affect my funding?

Tuition fees

  • We will adjust your tuition fee liability based on the date of your change of mode.
  • As long as the change is permitted within the terms and conditions of your funding, then we will also adjust your funding end date in line with your change of mode e.g. if your funding was offered for 3 years full time, and then you change to part time mode, you would still be funded for the same equivalent duration, but the money will be spread to match your part time study
  • The Doctoral School will ensure that your funder is informed of the change of mode so you do not need to inform them of this yourself


  • If you are in receipt of any maintenance money, please note that this will be adjusted too i.e. if you change from full time to part time mode, you will receive half the maintenance each quarter but for a longer duration.
  • As payments are made quarterly, we will ensure that you are paid the correct amount each quarter, in line with your mode of study. Depending on when you change mode, this may mean that you have been paid too much or too little during the quarter in which you have changed mode. If you have been paid too much, we will ask you to re-pay the over-paid amount. We will contact you if this is the case.
  • If you are unsure about this, please contact the Doctoral School and we will be happy to advise you further.



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