Change of mode of study


 Throughout the programme, your circumstances may change, requiring you to change your mode of study. It is important that if you wish to change your mode of study to part-time or full-time, you inform us as soon as possible.

I'm considering changing my mode of study. What do I need to do now?

What shall I do first?

You should only complete this form if you have discussed the implications and options open to you from an academic perspective, and gained the approval of your supervisor.

You may wish to seek guidance from Student Advisory and Wellbeing by emailing them or going to their webpages.

You can also seek guidance from the Students' Union Advice Centre by emailing them or going to their webpages.

If I decide to change mode of study, can I make it start at any point of the academic year?

No, it is not possible to backdate your change of mode. You should complete and return this form within two weeks of the date you decide to change mode of study.

Can I change my mode of study at any point during my studies?

Full-time Postgraduate Research students are not permitted to change to part-time mode of study after their first two years (24 months FTE) of study.

If you are beyond the end of your second year and require a change of mode due to serious extenuating circumstances, please speak to your supervisor to discuss the options available. You may only change mode of study outside of the first two years of full time study via a Suspension of Regulations request, which must be agreed with your supervisor and supported by documentary evidence. This can be requested via this form.

What happens to my tuition fees if I decide to change my mode of study?

If you change your mode of attendance at the start of your billing year (i.e. on the anniversary of your start date), your tuition fees will be adjusted to the full or part-time rate as appropriate.

If you change your mode of attendance during the academic year, we will calculate your tuition fees proportionally so that you are billed for the number of months of full-time study plus the number of months of part-time study (or vice-versa).

For further details of your tuition fee liability after the change of mode, please contact us.

I'm a funded student. What happens to my funding if I decide to change my mode of study?

If your studies are being funded by a Research Council, external agency, or University Scholarship, you should check the impact of a change in your mode of studies to your funding entitlement and ensure you understand the implications of this.

If you are in receipt of a studentship, please be aware that your mode of attendance may be set by the terms and conditions of your funding, and any change in mode of attendance must be agreed with the funding body prior to requesting the change with Royal Holloway.

If you are in receipt of any maintenance, this will be adjusted to reflect your new mode. As maintenance is paid quarterly in advance, this may mean that you have been paid too much or too little during the quarter in which you have changed mode, and you may be asked to repay any overpaid maintenance that you have already received.

Should you have any queries, please contact us.

Further information about changing your mode if you are a funded student can be found here.

I'm in receipt of a Student Finance loan. How is this affected by a change of mode of studies?

If you are in receipt of a loan from Student Finance, it is important that you contact Student Finance to confirm your entitlement to future funding based on the change to your mode of study.

You can contact them on 0300 100 0607

I'm a Student Route / Tier 4 student. Can I change my mode of study?

If you have a Student Route / Tier 4 visa, you are not permitted to change your mode of attendance to part-time. As standard, the University only issues Student Route / Tier 4 sponsorship to full-time students. If you wish to change to part-time and you have a Student Route / Tier 4 visa you will need to make a new visa application under a different visa type. The withdrawal of Student Route / Tier 4 sponsorship will be reported to the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) and you will be required to leave the UK within 60 days if you do not make the appropriate new visa application. The UKVI will be provided with the most recent contact details that we have recorded for you on Campus Connect. For further advice, please contact


I live in Student Accommodation. What happens if I decide to change my mode of study?

If you are changing your mode from full-time to part-time and are currently living in halls of residence, you will need to complete the online notice to leave form and vacate your room, as per the Licence Terms & Conditions within 28 days, ensuring that you check out at your Halls Reception. If you do not check out at your Halls Reception you will remain financially liable for the room and in all cases settlement of any outstanding financial liabilities must made in full. More information can be found on the online notice to leave form. Should you have any queries, please contact

How does a change of mode affect my deadlines?

Your new deadlines are calculated by looking at how many days you were on your original mode of attendance and how many more days you would need to be on your new mode of attendance to bring this up to the equivalent of 4 years full-time study. 

Part-time attendance is always counted as half of full-time attendance.

Your new deadlines will be emailed to you once your change of mode request has been processed.


I've read the information above and have decided to change my mode of study. What do I need to do?

How do I request a change of mode of studies?

Once you have decided that you definitely want to change your mode of study:

 You MUST read all sections above before completing the online change to mode of study form.

  • You must contact your supervisor to arrange an appointment to discuss the details of your request to change mode of study.
  • Your supervisor must agree to your change of mode.

Completing the form

  • You must complete sections A to C of the online form and submit.
  • You will be required to provide your University email address to commence this form.

Section A - Student details

This will require your basic details including your student ID number, programme of studies and supervisor details.

Section B - Details of your request

This will require details of the dates for your change in mode, as discussed with your supervisor, the type of change being requested, and the reason for the request.

The online form does not allow you to save your session, so pasting written comments from a Word document is advisable where longer comments are required.

The online form will require you to upload evidence of extenuating circumstances in a single electronic file (e.g. a single .pdf). You may need to scan the evidence to produce a single file to upload if there are several separate documents which are relevant to the case in question. If you have any problems with this, please contact us.

You should prepare the following in advance of starting the form, as this should be checked with your supervisor / Departmental PGR Lead before being pasted onto the relevant field in the form:

  • your reason(s) for requesting a change to your mode of attendance.

If your request is for a Suspension of Regulations, i.e. a request for a change in mode AFTER 2 years of FTE studiies, you must indicate this on the form and provide supporting documentary evidence to fully explain the need for such a request. A request for a Suspension of regulations will not be considered if an application is submitted without any evidence.

Section C - Student's confirmation

This will require your confirmation that you have read, understood and acted on the advice as set out in these guidelines.


By submitting your form you are confirming that you would like the Doctoral School to start processing your request, in line with the process guidance provided above, and all the information you have provided on the form is true and correct.

You will receive an automated confirmation email, along with a copy of the details of your form once your application has been successfully submitted.

I've submitted the change of mode of study form. What happens next?

Your form will be sent to your supervisor for academic approval.

After the form has been processed and your student record has been updated, you will receive a confirmation email from the Doctoral School to confirm how this change of mode affects your:

  • upgrade deadlines (if not already upgraded)
  • thesis submission deadline
  • funding end date (if funded)


 Change of mode form for postgraduate researchers

  • In completing this form I confirm that I have read and acted on the guidance and advice provided, and understand the consequences of changing my mode of attendance. I would like to continue with my change of mode request
  • To start this process, please enter your Royal Holloway email below:
  • If you answer 'No' you will not be able to progress with this form.



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