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Notice to Leave Accommodation

If you are leaving your room in Halls because you are withdrawing, interrupting, changing to part-time or you have been asked to leave following misconduct action, you must complete this online form to let us know on when you plan to vacate your room so that you understand important information around your financial liability.

Once you have submitted the form you will have 28 days in which to vacate your room - you must ensure you check out at your Halls Reception by 10am on the date of departure.

If you want to give up your room for any reasons other than those listed above, please contact the Student Services Centre.

  • Please only complete this form if you are leaving your Halls accommodation for one of the reasons given in Section B.
  • Section A - Your Details
  • Name
  • Section B - Your Accommodation
    Please confirm your Halls address (including the room number and flat/block where applicable):
  • Please note you must have vacated and checked out from your room within 28 days of submitting this form. Check out should be completed by 10am at your Halls Reception on the day you leave.
  • Section C - Accommodation Fees Information
    The information below confirms how your financial liability for accommodation will be calculated based on the date you vacate your room, and whether check out is completed at your Halls Reception.
  • Accommodation fees information
  • *In addition to submitting this form you need to complete and submit the relevant withdrawal, interruption or change of mode form. In certain circumstances financial liability may be calculated differently to the above if there is a delay in the relevant form being submitted. We would get in touch if this applies to you.
  • Section D - Submitting your form
    By clicking on the Submit button you are giving notice to the College that you intend to leave your accommodation in Halls for one of the reasons stated in Section B, and that you have read and understood your financial liability as detailed in Section C. If you have any questions please contact the Student Services Centre by emailing