Enrolment for studentship recipients

What do I need to do to enrol for the year?

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 Please note the studentship-specific information below.


Tuition fee payment

  • If your studentship covers your tuition fees in full, there is nothing further you need to complete for this stage. The Doctoral School will manually update your student record by 31 August to show that your fees are being covered by your studentship.
  • If your fees are not fully covered, please pay this within one month fo your invoice.  For new students, it is important that this is paid before you do your ID check.

Maintenance payment

During the Online Sign Up process, you'll also need to ensure your UK bank details are added so that we can organise payment of your maintenance (stipend). Without these details, it is not possible for your maintenance payments to be paid.

The maintenance payments will not be paid out until you are fully enrolled for the new academic year.

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