Withdrawal from studies for studentship recipients


If you think you wish to leave Royal Holloway, please ensure you discuss this with your supervisor first as there may be other options available to you which would allow you to continue with your studies.  If you do decide that this is the best option for you, please inform the Doctoral School as soon as possible.

Withdrawal from studies process

Please see below how a withdrawal would affect your studentship 

Fee liability – tuition fees

  • If your studentship covers your tuition fees for the year you decide to withdraw, you will not be personally liable for the tuition fee as this will be covered up until the date of your withdrawal of study.
  • If your studentship does not cover your tuition fees in full. or your funding has ended and you have paid part of your tuition for the year that you withdraw, you will need to refer to the fee liability table on the withdrawal form.

Fee liability – maintenance

  • If your studentship includes maintenance payments, please be aware that you may need to return some of the money back to the College.
  • The amount of money to re-pay will be calculated from your date of withdrawal, and the amount of money you were paid for that quarter
  • E.g. if you were paid maintenance on 01 October, to cover the first 3 months of your programme and then withdrew on 01 December, you would be required to re-pay 1 month’s worth of maintenance back to the College


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