Jun 03 2021

Call for papers - 30 April 

The PGR Colloquium on 3 June 2021 is an opportunity for all postgraduate researchers in the Humanities School at RHUL to share their research, listen to an academic panel discussion, and hear from RHUL alumni. The day will be concluded by our keynote speaker, BAFTA award-winning director, artist, and writer Professor Victoria Mapplebeck.

Stepping stones refers to different stages of the PhD process, from the first small steps in our research to the sweeping trajectories of our projects. At various times during the PhD process we experience firm ground, unsteady footing, and leaps into the unknown. In 2020 and 2021 many of us have had to follow longer or more complex routes in our research, and this in turn has shaped the content and approaches of our projects.

We are looking for 10-minute papers and submissions of creative and practical work. We welcome PGR students at all stages of their research to send us a brief abstract (max. 200 words) and a short biography (150 words).

We hope that papers will broadly speak to the following themes, relating to research content or approach: Unsteady Footing Moments of insecurity and instability can feel precarious, but engaging with them can foster understanding. Forging New Paths Carving a path into unknown territory requires a confident first step and an unsettling of the familiar. Stopping and Pausing Reflecting on our research and its impact is both valuable and essential in our fast-moving culture. Taking a Leap Taking risks and trying new approaches is a bold but necessary move to carry forward new research.

The committee looks forward to reading all submissions and welcoming you on 3 June 2021.

Please send all submissions and all queries to steppingstonescolloquium2021@gmail.com by 30 April 2021. Colloquium Team 2021: Cathy Dondelinger, Kate Ferry-Swainson, Chloe Lee, Sandra Lipner

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