What does the Doctoral School do?


Key Doctoral School academic staff:


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Key Doctoral School services: 

Runs the Researcher Development Programme

Supports the administration of School / department training

The Doctoral School currently supports Schools and departments with room bookings / registers of attendance etc.  

Runs the PGR Peer Mentoring Scheme

Organises the Supervisor Expert Forum sessions 

It is intended that at least one session will be held a term.  Details for 2021/22 to follow.

Administers the Royal Holloway Doctoral Supervision Award 

Runs the annual Royal Holloway Doctoral conference

This year's virtual conference took place on 10 and 11 June 2021.  Further details to follow.

Supports the administration of School conferences / symposiums

The Doctoral School provides administrative support to academics / students organising the School conferences e.g. room booking / catering.

Runs social / feedback sessions for PGR students

We are very aware of the importance of creating opportunities for PGR students to meet together and to provide feedback so that the Doctoral School can work together with them to develop a more cohesive, vibrant PGR student community. 

Services the School PGR Student / Staff Committees

If you are not sure who your reps are on your School's PGR Student / Staff Committee, please contact check here.

Runs the PGR Forum

The PGR Forum meets twice a term and provides an opportunity for PGR student reps, PGR Collectuve Convenors and the representatives from the Students' Union to work with the Doctoral School to: 

  • to discuss College-wide issues that are raised in School PGR SSC meetings
  • to collaborate to develop initiatives to enhance the PGR student experience
  • to provide a space for PGR reps to share good practice
  • to act as a route for the Doctoral School to canvas PGR opinions
  • to compliment, not duplicate, the purpose of the School PGR SSC meetings and the Doctoral School Open Meetings

If there is anything that you would like to raise for the PGR Forum to consider, please contact a member for the Forum from your School.

Runs the Doctoral School Open Meeting

The Doctoral School Open Meeting runs once a term and gives you the opportunity to:

  • find out what is happening across the College and in your School to support postgraduate researchers
  • raise questions with the Dean of the Doctoral School, the Doctoral School managers and the School Directors of PGR Education
  • feedback your suggestions and opinions on a range of topics affecting postgraduate researchers

Responsible for communications to PGR students e.g. microsite, newsletter

The Doctoral School:

  • maintains the Doctoral School microsite with up to date news and events of interest to PGR students as well as details of the RDP progamme and relevant administrative process
  • sends all PGR students the 'Researcher Newlsetter', which collates news, events and articles for PGR students from across the College and beyond
  • sends all PGR students a weekly email with any last-minute news / events
  • maintains the Twitter feed @RHULPGRTweets  

Runs the Doctoral School virtual helpdesk 

Creates the PGR student handbook

Supports the recruitment process

The Doctoral School liaises with Marketing and Communcations regarding the College PGR recruitment strategy and supports departments with recruitment advertising.

Provides advice on and adminsters the studentship process

Administers the TECHNE Doctoral Training Partnership

The Doctoral School administers the TECHNE Doctoral Training Partnership, a consortium of 9 institutions across South East England.

Administers the Annual Review process

Administers the Upgrade process

Administers the PGR submission and exam process

Maintains supervisory team details

New postgraduate researchers are asked to complete a 'Supervisor arrangement confirmation' form when they arrive at Royal Holloway.  If there are any subsequent changes to the supervisory team, please inform doctoralschool@royalholloway.ac.uk.

Maintains PGR student records, including billing

For any queries regarding your record, contact doctoralschool@royalholloway.ac.uk.

Provides advice on and administers the interruption / change of mode processes

Provides advice on and administers Suspension of Regulations requests

Advises on the PGR regulations and Code of Practice

For any queries regarding the regulations or Code of Practice, contact doctoralschool@royalholloway.ac.uk.

Administers the formal warning process

If you have a concern about the engagement of one of your students, please contact doctoralschool@royalholloway.ac.uk

Monitors engagement of Tier 4 / Student Route visa postgraduate researchers

Provides guidance to supervisors with concerns about the wellbeing of their student

If you have any concerns you would like to discuss, please contact doctoralschool@royalholloway.ac.uk.

Collaborates with Professional Services across the College on PGR matters

The Doctoral School works closely with many areas of College to help provide a cohesive service to Royal Holloway PGR students e.g:





Contact us

By email:

By phone:

  • 01784 276886
  • Manned 10am-4pm, Tuesday to Thursday

In person:

  • Visit our helpdesk in room S-105, Founder's South Tower
  • Open 10am-4pm on Tuesdays

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