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Gender Equality

Finding Gender Positive Employers

Although there are still sectors dominated by certain genders, many graduate recruiters are actively seeking to change this and create a more gender balanced workforce.  For example, employers in sectors such as Engineering and IT may send female representatives to recruitment fairs to encourage more female applicants.  Also, once in an organisation, there may be development programmes specifically tailored to support the career progression of their female employees.  

The following resources highlight graduate employers who have committed to creating a gender equal workforce at all levels including attracting more female applicants to apply for roles in the first place but also transforming the organisational culture to ensure both genders thrive professionally.  They understand the huge benefits of a diverse workforce.

Graduate Employers

The Times Top 50 Employers for Women

Annual list published by The Times newspaper.

The Times Top 50 Employers for Women Insights Report 2020

More detail on the strategy and actions employers are taking to create a more gender balanced workforce.

Employers Network Equality and Inclusion Members List

The Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion (ENEI) is the leading employer network promoting equality and inclusion in the workplace.  Includes members list for gender equality campaign “Opportunity Now”

Opportunities for Female Students and Graduates

The links below highlight a selection of opportunities tailored to support female students and graduates.  If you are particularly interested in an organisation, it is worth checking out whether they run specific events and programmes for women. Note that new organisations and schemes are launched regularly.

Internships and Work Experience

TARGETjobs Events

Targetjobs run specific events in collaboration with employers to attract and support women.

Winning Women Undergrad Programs | JPMorgan

Early insight programme for J.P. Morgan

Women in Investment Banking - FreshLook Banking

Insight event for female undergraduates in any discipline

Women in Business PwC

Three day paid work experience programme at PwC

Women's Engineering Society

Lists current and upcoming employment events

Support and Advice

Fawcett Society

Charity for women’s equality and rights in work and in public life

Gender - Business in the Community

Run gender diversity campaigns.  Site contains related issues and research.

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