Nov 27 2023

This is an incredibly challenging time, and it is understandably difficult for many members of our University community.

Universities are places to challenge, question and learn and, at Royal Holloway, we engage and learn with people from all countries and all backgrounds. We believe that respectful freedom of speech underpins our principles of tolerance and understanding. Our words can sometimes have a very different and hurtful impact than intended, and we do not condone inflammatory messaging that may cause offence or distress to others. While we promote freedom of speech and academic freedom, the University will need to investigate any incident where an individual or society acts outside of the law.

Royal Holloway is a truly multicultural and international community, and we expect the highest standard of mutual respect. We ask that during this incredibly difficult time, we all try to look after one another as a single community. This includes carefully considering the impact our language will likely have on other members of our community. Words that carry a specific meaning for one community may have a different and hurtful impact on another, and we request that you consider how your words affect others. We all have a role to play in maintaining a peaceful, respectful, inclusive, and welcoming community, on and off campus.

Julie and Hannah

Professor Julie Sanders, Vice-Chancellor and Principal

Hannah Hockin, Students’ Union President

If you, or someone you know is interested to find out more about the concept of cyber hate, and how we can all do our part to make our online community safe for everyone, we’d recommend watching this ‘Making the internet a safer place’ video.