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Your Candidate number


You can view your candidate number by going to the "My studies" tab in Campus Connect.

Your candidate number is normally allocated around mid-October. If you’re an undergraduate you’ll receive a new candidate number each year you study here, while if you’re a postgraduate you’ll get just one candidate number for the duration of your programme. If for any reason you start later in the academic year you’ll be assigned a candidate number shortly after you start your programme.

If you need to sit an exam or submit a piece of work and you haven’t yet been allocated a candidate number then please email the Student Services Centre and we’ll create one for you.

We use candidate numbers to ensure that your assessments and exams are marked anonymously. That means it’s important that you don’t use your candidate number with anything that identifies you, like your name or student ID number. All members of staff who are authorised to see your candidate number will already be able to look it up so you should never have to give it to anyone.