All current student Royal Holloway email accounts use Microsoft Office 365 and last a lifetime. The account information is in this format, e.g. For Joe Bloggs:

Name: Joe Bloggs

Username: abcd123

Email: username:

Email address that appears on college email directory: Joe.Bloggs (2018)


How to log in

Log in with your email username and normal college password. You will need to change your password before logging into your college email for the first time. This can be done at the Password manager site or by using the option provided by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del on a college pc.

Where to log in

Visit and log in with your email username and password.


Support & troubleshooting

This account can't be used to access 

Click the sign out link in the error message and ensure you are trying to log in via

We don't recognise this user ID or password
Check the username is in the format Also check that your password is correct and you don't have Caps Lock on.

If you're sure these are correct, your password may not be set correctly on your email account. Change your College password to update the email account password.

You've tried to sign in too many times
Change your College password to update the email account password and regain access.


Sorry, but we're having trouble signing you in (80043431)

This is usually the result of trying to log in to the Office 365 for Staff page instead of the student email login page.  It is possible to accidentally get to this page by entering your username with on the end instead of

Go to to get the correct login page, then make sure you enter the username in the format