Santander Student Online Self-Development Programme

Get to know the students taking part in the Santander Student Online Self-Development Programme 

Santander Universities, alongside high performance consultancy Sporting Edge, are providing students with the opportunity to access an online learning platform with powerful stories and insights from elite performers. Currently, 19 students are taking part in the programme, completing an online course focusing on performance themes. 

Learn more about our students who are taking part in the Santander Student Online Self-Development Programme below. 

Skie Hewitt TM


Psychology, undergraduate 

"I applied for the programme because I really enjoy surrounding myself with people and material that will push me further and enhance my skills, both professionally and personally. I was really drawn to the opportunity to improve my confidence and motivation in a way that will help me both professionally and day-to-day."                                     

Ciara Mcaree TM


Forensic Pyschology, postgraduate

"Overall, I have learned that growth is not a linear process but that our goals may shift as we encounter obstacles and develop. I have learned that is it important to know ourselves, our mindset, our special strengths- this can be achieved through the practise of mindfulness (‘an intentional focus of being aware in the moment’- Dr Jamye Shelton- Pelosi)".

Maisie Laslett FINAL


Criminology and Psychology, undergraduate

"I think that the key areas will stick in my head as a reminder to keep pushing myself and to keep myself on track. It's easy at this time to give in to the late-nights, or to isolate yourself. The learning is something that will remind me to keep on top of those beneficial changes so that I can be the best version of me".                                                              

Anya Mawdley FINAL


Psychology, undergraduate

"This programme has been inspiring. Each time I complete an aspect of the course I feel inspired to go and put into practise what I have just learnt, and I believe that this is largely due to the fantastic variety of amazing speakers recruited". 

Circle Amber Pierce


History, postgraduate research

"Law can often be an overwhelming career regarding workload, particularly as a solicitor advocate, and I believe the programme will help me to develop my mindset so I can deliver a high quality of work in an efficient manner, whilst maintaining a level of control over the work loads expected of me".

Olivia Stocks TM


Management with International Business, undergraduate

"The programme is also enhancing my interpersonal skills, and my motivation and drive to succeed, as skills such as personal drive, learning mindset and confidence are needed in all aspects of life such as in the master’s programme I am currently enrolled in, future careers and in sport".

Beverly Boateng TM


Law, undergraduate 

"I have learnt a lot from communication to goal setting. The most important thing I have learnt from the programme is to have an ambition and to believe that I can achieve it. If I have that then I can work towards my end goal".

Emmanuel Siaw


Politics and International Relations, postgraduate research student

"It has been an educating and insightful experience so far: one that gives practical advice based on the experiences of people who have a proven track record of excellence in their fields". 

Kayleigh Fryer TM


English and History, undergraduate 

"I’ve learnt a lot about myself, I have always believe everyone can always work on improving somehow, we’re never going to know everything, we’re going to make mistakes, and that’s fine! Self-reflection and learning from our mistakes are key".

Vanessa Azizuddin


Electronic Engineering, postgraduate

"My experience so far has been very enjoyable. I thoroughly enjoy watching the videos and immersing myself in the content on the platform. It is really interesting to hear the perspectives and advice of admirable individuals such as Frank Lampard and Eniola Aluko".

Gemma Culley TM


Physics, undergraduate

"So many of these insights I can take and apply in my physics degree and further. It is an amazing opportunity and I’m very glad that I had the chance to be a part of it".

Circle of Founders


Electronic Engineering, undergraduate

"I will definitely take away from this program how to set and achieve my goals. Instead of being the best at something, I should aim to be the best at it that I can be".