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Peer Guides

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Applications to become a Peer Guide for the 2021/22 academic year are now open. Please click here and complete the form to apply.


What are Peer Guides?

Peer Guides are students who help other students. In particular, they:

  • Help new and visiting students as they transition into university life.
  • Formalise the ad-hoc peer support that naturally develops within student communities.
  • Offer virtual support to students via Microsoft Teams channels and online meetings.
  • Help bring the Royal Holloway community together.
  • Promote diversity on campus.


What is the Peer Guidance Scheme?

We recruit and train second years, final years and students progressing to Postgraduate study to help guide new students through their first year at Royal Holloway. Peer Guides are allocated small groups of new students, usually in the same department or school.

The relationship between Peer Guides and their student group is informal, non-academic and provides a non-judgmental level of support and advice about being a student at Royal Holloway. If necessary, the Peer Guide will refer students who need more structured support to our specialist Wellbeing team.


I want to become a Peer Guide

What is expected of me as a peer guide?

  • To complete an online training session to prepare students for the role of Peer Guide.
  • To be proactive in contacting your mentees and providing them with support.
  • To welcome new and visiting students into the Royal Holloway community and encourage them to make the most of the student experience.
  • To inform your Peer Guide Leader of any issues or problems you are having, so that they can provide additional support.
  • To keep in touch with the Peer Guidance team throughout the year.


Sound good? Click here to apply and find out more below! 

Read the Peer Guide role description here.

You can hear more from former Peer Guides by watching the video below.