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Accessing eresources


Our Digital Collections:

The library provides access to a wide variety of digital resources covering all of the subject areas taught at Royal Holloway. Through LibrarySearch you can access eBooks, journal articles, newspapers, videos, theses, conference papers, statistics and more, online 24/7. 

To start exploring our collections simply visit our LibrarySearch page and start searching. You can use the built in filters to view online resources only and different resource types.

If you are looking for library resources specific to your subject area, you can view our Library Resources A-Z. Here you can use filters to view resources relevant to the different subject areas taught at Royal Holloway. You can also filter by type or browse them alphabetically.


Help accessing our eresources:

If you have any quesitons about accessing our resources you can contact a member of staff on our Live Chat service 9:00-21:00 everyday of the week. Simply click on the 'Can we help?' tab to start a chat.

Alternatively you can email

If you need specific support with researching, referencing or critical evaluation skills you can contact your subject's Information Consultant. You can email them an enquiry or book an online 1-2-1 through MS Teams. There is further support available through the library’s Moodle Page where you will find videos, resources and activities to help you develop your information literacy skills.


Accessing eresources off campus:

There are three ways to easily access our eresources while off-campus:

  1. Use the CampusAnywhere (VPN). This remotely connects you to the campus network so you can easily access our eresources.

  2. Signing in through the library portals such as LibrarySearch or the Library Subject Guides. Most databases will prompt you to sign in using your Royal Holloway username and password. However, some will require that you are connected to the CampusAnywhere (VPN).

  3. Log in ''via your home institution" or "via Shibboleth" on the individual eresource homepage, and select Royal Holloway in the list of institutions. Not all databases will provide this option.
    Please note that you should not use the e-resource’s own username and password box, as this is for individual subscribers. Also do not select Athens, AthensDA or OpenAthens options, as these are not used by the College.


Example of how to log in ''via your home institution" or "via Shibboleth":

You will typically use this to access one of the online resources the library subscribes to. Take JSTOR as your regular e-resource. After clicking 'Login' in the top right-hand corner of the homepage, click 'Find My Instituton'.


Type 'Royal Holloway' into the search bar on the left, and click 'Login' when it pops up in the results.


This will prompt you with a login page where you can enter your student username and password. 


You should now be able to view your resource.